The (Single Sign On) has been proposed for software

modern developments in far-off healthcare systems have endorsed the more
attentions from IT industry that provide wireless infrastructure and smoothly
deployable healthcare systems. These systems offer a suitable platform to share
medical information and patient’s data, via SDN infrastructure system. Software
Defined Networking (SDN) has been introduced recently. Communication security
and patients’ data privacy are the aspects that would increase the confidence
of users in such remote healthcare systems. This paper presents a secure mobile
healthcare framework using wireless body area networks (WBANs). This paper
further discus about authentication technique using open source SSO protocols. SSO
(Single Sign On) has been proposed for software defined E-healthcare systems.

Due to several recent technology
and new concepts, such as wireless body area networks (WBANs) and low-power
wireless communications, ubiquitous health monitoring and management services are
becoming progressively popular. There are two type of data are getting.1st
Medical data and other Medical image data. Medical data deal with the data
gathers from different Sensors while medical
image data deals with extensive data with high quality of image. Continuing
development in networking technologies brings the idea of Healthcare systems
which far along termed as virtual hospital in 21st century.

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This concept is widely known as
Software Defined Networking (SDN) which allows centralized, programmable
control planes with data plan abstraction. Through separation of control and
data plane, networking devices design become simple where by using control
logic with the help of centralized controller makes network configuration
easier than before. WBAN where it deals with highly sensitive patient related
data which must be limited strictly for the authorized users. Although research
and advancement has been done for the development of WBAN systems, but cybercrime
remains a vital challenge for WBAN to resolve. Major concern for higher policy
in WBAN systems due to the sensitive information. Any kind of unauthorized
access or attack on the system is categorized as cybercrime and leads to severe
and destructive outcome like death of individuals. Thus a strict and scalable
policy system is still a matter of concern for the WBAN systems in terms of
data confidentiality, Authenticity and integrity. SSO is an open source network
authentication protocol which allows strong authentication systems. It’s a
system where sends the usernames and passwords in such a way where mutual authentication
between server and client has to be authenticate. Networking (SDN) platform has
been used for efficient data management and content delivery system as well as
a networking authentication protocol has been used for better security of the


communication architecture:

To understand the type of security mechanism to be apply
on a WBAN technology, we must know the architecture of the communication within
each of these certain networks and so on communication to the real world. Therefore, we provide an overview into the communication
architecture in WBANs.


Level-1: Intra-WBAN
communication model: In this level sensor nodes can be placed on the human body as
very small tiny size (on-body sensors), Like (wearable sensors), or implanted
under the skin (inner body sensor). The communication signals within the system use a gateway
device, to transfer the Patient related information to the Wireless devices.


communication model: This level work as bridge between gateway devices and
wireless access point that considered an dominant part of the network and may
be positioned in a way that can allow for emergencies cases.WBANs communicate
with other systems or networks so that information can easily be transferred
through out various sources, such as the internet.


Communication: This level of
communication is usually use for metropolitan areas, as “gateway.”this is a way
in which we can transfer patient data from the Internet to the cloud server in
a dedicated application. A medical related database is an especially critical part of level 3
communication, since it entertain the medical history and specific profile of
the user. This means that the system would need to be specific to an
application; Doctors,medical concern , family persons  and/or patients can be alerted to an
emergency situation via the Internet or a through Short Message Service (SMS).