The similar previous researches. Chatbot is a communication simulating

The literature on this project is more towards on the
general discussion of why the developer has chosen chatbot over other
communication computer applications, artificial intelligence chatbot over rule
based chatbot, which chatbot platform is chosen for the development of student
virtual assistant. All of the mandatory data are collected and analysed to
improve the limitations of similar previous researches.

 Chatbot is a
communication simulating computer application that stimulates human
conversation. Chatbots are computer programs that interact and engage in a
conversation with human with using natural language as the medium for input and
output (Eeuwen, M.V., 2017).

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Why Chatbots?

Based on the research conducted by M Dahiya, chatbot is a
great tool for quick conversations with its user as users can simply type and
communicate with it using Natural language processing algorithms and retrieve
data from a computer. Chatbots avoid the trouble of having to type keywords in
a search engine or go through several website pages to gather data (Dahiya,

In the survey performed by Petter Bae Brandtzaeg, he found
that majority of the participants (68%) have reported chatbots productivity as
the main reason for usage along with the speed, ease, and convenience of
chatbot. The survey also convicts that ease of accessing information or
obtaining help were main reasons for using chatbot. The limitation of the
research is that the participants were considered as early adopters since they
consisted only of chatbot users. It further states that early adopters focus on
the future potentials of chatbots rather than its limitations since they might
be optimistic about future technologies and that explain why the majority has
responded chatbots to be efficient (Brandtzaeg, P.B. and Følstad, A., 2017).

According to the research by Robert
Dale, out of the total population of 7.3 billion humans, 6.1 billion people use
a mobile phone with at least an SMS feature. More than 2.1 billion people use
messaging apps in which Facebook Messenger alone have 1 billion users: in which
37% of 30-49 age group users, 49% of 18-29 age group users and 24% of those who
are 50+ age group. As the conclusion, it is proved that people are comfortable
with asynchronous communications or through short typed conversations. Thus,
with this availability of massive platforms that proves to be a potential
environment for chatbots, it shows that chatbot can phase out the need for
websites and mobile applications (DALE, R. 2016).