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The Manifest Destiny is a very interesting study of the westward expansion. It’s interesting because many different people traveled to the west despite many human and physical challenges. There were many reasons why people traveled westward. The desire for more land and great riches made these people travel west. These people felt a great sense of duty to the country to expand westward.Specifically, during the 1840s, there’s a bunch of people that wanted to move west for a better living and for a lot more reasons. People often got letters from friends and families that moved to the west, saying that living in the west is so much better than the east. Some people move west for more land. In the east, the population was growing at a fast rate. The east coast had overcrowded cities often large families with small farms. So people wanted to move to the west because of the opportunity to buy land since there’s a lot of land in the west, and the land was cheap. This is one of the biggest reasons why people wanted to move west. There was also good soil for farming, which means they can get richer if they move to the west. Other’s move west for economic reasons and the gold rush was oneway people can get rich by moving to the west. The gold rush was where people can find or mine gold in Coloma, California. From my research, people had mined or found about 750,000 pounds of gold. That’s worth a lot of money. But gold is not the only thing people were looking for. There was a lot more ways to get rich, like logging, mining and farming that couldn’t be done in the east. Just after a couple of days, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, which ended the Mexican American War and leaving California in the hands of the United States of America. Most people that got the gold from the gold rush ending up being poor because they used all their money. Another Reason why people moved west was there there was better and advance transportations. There were now canals, railroads, steamboats, and overland trails that made thisgreat migration possible. However, transportation was not the only thing that made moving westpossible. There was also the idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the idea thatmoving west was someone’s patriotic responsibility. People know that if that they moved west, it would make the United States of America bigger, better and stronger.While moving to the west has a lot of pros, it also has some cons. Like challenges, people have to get through to get to the west. One of them is the bad weather. Like rain, harsh winds, snow and more. People just weren’t prepare for them. Today, we most cars and buses can withstand these kinds of weather. Back then, they only have like wagons