The rest of the world on international trade and

The free movement of the labors of the EU countries has a direct
impact on the UK labor market and their contribution to GDP, the budget and the
productivity. Also, they have indirect impact by the impact of the trade flows
and the investments and the Total economic activity, But the first effects in
the labor market to vote on leaving the EU are related to increased uncertainty
about future economic and political situation. There were clear signs of
stopping the new recruitments directly after the voting results. A week after
the result, the online jobs announcements dropped by nearly a half, from nearly
1.5 million to about 800,000 (according to This drop is
significantly outside typical variances to on the web particular announcements,
which is commonly in between 5-10%, As stated by the Confederation of British
Industry (CBI), and it was the first business drop since the 2009 financial
crisis. After the voting results, the market CIPS index indicate signals of sharp
contraction in the UK business. And that was clear in the services sector. Also
in the medium terms more impact of the Brexit on the labor market will be identified
by negotiated between the UK and the rest of the world on international trade
and the labor movement.