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The company I want to work for is Progressive insurance, to be more part of a team to improve strategy for the people and culture to achieve the most potent source of competitive advantage, maintain a leading brand recognized for innovative offering and supported by experiences that instill confidence.

Although Progressive auto insurance offers the usual auto insurance choices, as well as many other option.  Such as for a full coverage vehicle it can cover comprehensive and collision, rental and Roadside assistance as for where if my car ever breaks down, have a flat tire, dead battery, keys locked in the car, run out of gas I can give them a call to come and help me. However, one of the following offers is Gap insurance of which if your vehicle ever totaled it can pay up to 25% above the value of the car, to cover a loan or lease balance. As for myself, I didn’t sign up for the Gap with progressive cause I had already done that with the bank I finance my vehicle. Their Mission is to seek to be an excellent, innovative, and enduring business by cost-effectively and profitably to reduce a lot of human trauma and economic costs of auto accident. Their goal is for the insurance to grow as fast as possible, constrained only by their profitability objective and their ability to provide high-quality customer service. The Insurance Reputation for Customer satisfaction ratings is average or lower for auto insurance and the average for home insurance. Compared to other insurers of its size, Progressive had fewer than the median number of complaints to state regulators in 2016 concerning auto insurance. The corporate culture is to uphold the company’s vision and values while creating an environment for employees to thrive on these Core Values: Integrity, Golden Rule, Objectives, Excellence, and Profit. They guide their business decisions and define how we treat each other, our customers, our business partners, and our investors. They encourage their employees to take ownership of their careers to create individualized development plans with goals for current or future roles, and they have a history of and commitment to hiring from within. In fact, more than 5,000 people make internal job moves each year. Progressive continually invests in a variety of career development. The type of job they have is Customer service representative, claim adjuster, claim representative, Auto Appraiser, Adjuster, Insurance agent, Sales support representative, call center representative, Licensed Agent, etc… You can apply for a job at progressive by selecting the position you are looking for click apply, create a new user profile, put all your personal information in, upload your resume if you haven’t done that yet and take a final look at your application make sure everything is correct before hitting submit. Progressive have several of different location in Florida, but the one closer to me is located at 303 NE 3rd Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33909. The pro working for this company is I get to learn more about insurance companies have significant benefits; better payments get to move up to different position within a year. The cons are hard to convince the customer to sign up with the insurance companies especially if the rate is so high.  

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In conclusion, working for this company will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about auto, home, motorcycle, and boat insurance and have better hours and discount.