The on the ground that the college has not

legal profession is the basic of a well-organised and sound judicial system.

            To make some good lawyers and
judges, it is not only the duty of students to study well but other authorities
must also be liable and helpful.

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            Bar Council of India (BCI) plays a
very vital role in developing and maintaining the standards of legal education
in India.

            University Grants Commission (UGC)
is also an important body for the development of law courses and law students.

            It is a matter of pleasure that the
Bar Council of India has taken the legal education seriously and makes effort
for development.

            The Bar Council of India introduced
many things for the developments of professional knowledge of a law student
through Moot Court, Public Interest Litigation, Legal Aid, Para-legal services,

            BCI particularly focus on training
of advocates and law students.

7 of Advocates Act, says
that the functions of the Bar Council of India shall promote legal education
and to lay down standards of such education in consultation with the
Universities in India.

            In the case of Sudur Vs. Bar Council of India, AIR 1999 SC 1167, the rule made
by Bar Council of India regarding pre-enrollment training of advocates was

            The Supreme Court opined that it is
the statutory duty of BCI to promote legal education and it is to discharged in
consultation of with the Universities under section 7 of Advocates Act.

49 of  Advocates Act, empowers
Bar Council of India to make rules as to prescribe standards of legal education
to be observed by the Universities in India.

            In the case of Shiva Shankara Vs. Karnataka State Bar Council BangaloreAIR 2002 Karnataka
108, the enrollment of pass out students of University Law College was
refused by Karnataka State Bar Council on the ground that the college has not
obtained “approval or affiliation” by Bar Council of India for its 5 year LL.B

            It was held that since the college
was run by Bangalore University as its Department of Law, it was not obliged to
seek affiliation or recognition by State Bar Council.


UGC deals with the syllabus
infrastructure facilities, admission process, etc. regarding legal education.

UGC enlightens the society
the importance of judiciary and legal profession by conducting seminars and
workshops, so that the talented students are attracted.

Salaries of law
teachers are dealt by UGC by making a particular par scale for them.

Inspections are done by
UGC in both private and government colleges.

The defects in the
syllabus are properly evaluated by UGC.

Brochures are made to
bring out the significance of studying law courses.