The old times, there was only real friendship which

    The question, “What is friendship?” is a
very broad concept that has no one certain answer yet. Friendship is everywhere
from childhood until senility: at schools, universities, work places, on
Internet etc. Friends are needed to make life better, to help and support one
another, and to exchange opinions and ideas. Friendship is not something that
waste time, rather it is one main part of our life. Friends play certain roles
in our life as networking, entertainment, assurance, and clarification one’s ideas
(The School of Life, 2017). Friendship is always in one’s life but not with the
same meaning and purposes. The nature and role of friendship for people can be
explored across social networking friends, friends in different ages of people,
and purposes of friendship in modern life.
     The first point to explore today’s
friendship is a modern, virtual, type of friendship. At the old times, there
was only real friendship which means people could get a friend from only people
with whom they met face to face. However, now, social networking sites play
significant role in friendship, and it has become very easy to open one of
networking sites and to find people to talk. People spend a lot of time for
that kind of sites, but these sites are not only for making friends, but also
finding a husband or wife and managing work. Solving these kinds of issues
across Internet is not supported by most people. Marriage is a very responsible
thing that must not be built in Internet. Two people who are friends on a certain
networking site for months get married after first meeting and then, they
diverse. The main cause for that is a durable relationship cannot be built
without real conversations. Sometimes, Internet causes married couples to
diverse; as one of partners go these sites, the other one witnesses it and
decide to diverse (Brown, 2011). These aspects show that relationships which
made on Internet is not as strong as real one. Another factor about social
networking sites is they waste time. It is like an addiction, once you enter
you cannot give up. Some people do not want to use it, but as they start to
use, they cannot give up. Additionally, social networking sites are not safe
places to socialize. Your account can be easily hacked, or someone can spread
incorrect information about you which may affect you psychologically. Earlier,
on Facebook, people can post something anonymously on others’ profile, and it
had resulted one person’s suicide (Seligman, 2011). Nevertheless, appropriate
usage of networking sites may give a great chance to friendship for the modern
world. These sites allow people to communicate with other countries and even
other continents.

     Another exploring factor about friendship
is the change in the type and number of friends across the life span which is
the same as old times. In all ages, our stereotypes are not identical for
choosing friends. At the early ages, friends are people with whom we spend most
of our time. For teenagers, the

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Nature and Role of Friends in Modern Life


point is to have relevant hobbies and activities. In early adulthood, people
find friends in parent groups. For old people, friends are needed to avoid all
problems and feel like a part of this society. 
Friendship has a significant role for future life of children. For
instance, people who were friends in childhood have stronger engagements, and
they are happier. Also, job partners who were also friends can easily solve
their problems about work because they are able to understand each other’s
errors and faults. In addition, it has been proven that children with friends
are more successful in their school performance. However, it is unknown whether
successful children have friends or children who have friends are more
successful. Having friends with rude habits may affects children negatively,
but statistics show that children with friends tend to solve problems
peacefully and avoid unnecessary conflicts; therefore, friends are very
important for children (Hartup and Stevens, 1999). Also, researches due to
Facebook has showed that between the ages 13 and 30 the communication focus is
changing rapidly while beyond this limit the changes are slower. It shows that
people’s interests towards their friends are changeable (Backstrom, Bakshy,
Kleinberg, Lento, and Rosenn, 2011). Additionally, age factor plays a significant
role while sharing feedbacks.  Friends
help each other’s improvement by exchanging opinions and commenting on each
other. People’s opinions usually affect our behaviors, and when these people
are the same age group with us, these feedbacks become more useful and
affective. Peer critiques teaches people to accept others’ opinions towards
them, and feel their work more valuable. At schools, it is the most problematic
issue that students get feedbacks only from teachers. Evaluating one or more
weeks’ work only by one person reduces the value of work and student’s
willingness for future assignments (Reynolds, 2009). In modern life, as most
young people use electronic devices, Internet, phones, laptops, and computers,
they become introvert and need to communicate in real life. Usage peer
critiques in schools can be the basis of this real communication.

     The last point explains the roles and
purposes of friendship for modern life. As mentioned above, friends have
certain roles in people’s life and tend to make life better. “Friend” cannot be
an obviously different person from you. You need to have at least some certain
activities and interests. Friends who have no any common interest with you and
with whom you can never agree will probably waste your time and energy. The
modern life is full of stresses: exams, deadlines, cars, crowd of people,
yelling bosses, and noisy cities. A friend is the person that reduces these
stresses and bring fun to your life. Also, in this crowded community people may
lose or confuse their purposes or ideas. In this case, a friend is the person
who lightens the way of thing and help to clarify confuses (The School of Life,
2017). Activities with friends are the best way to reach these purposes, and
they make life more enjoyable, increase critical thinking, and bring life
unforgettable memories. Sometimes, there are not

Nature and Role of Friends in Modern Life


obvious effect of these activities. However, positivity is there because these
activities maintain people’s beliefs and behaviors. For instance, organized after-school
activities help youths to communicate with adults (Simpkins, 2015).
After-school activities can be the second effective way to separate youths from
electronic devices.

     To conclude, friendship should bring
happiness to humans’ life. In modern life, ways to get friends have increased,
but the concept of friendship has not changed. Increased ways of finding
friends do not necessarily mean that it is easy to find correct friends in
modern life. On comparison, in the modern world, finding good friends is the
most challenging thing because of substantial number of people and plenty of
sources. Internet is the miracle of today’s world. If it is used in an
appropriate way, it will be a great chance for the modern world to increase its
friendship relations.