The of light and itself in the intelligible world

The 21st century has introduced a new fashion of living through the various forms of media that provide numerous images through the digital world everyday. The information provided can come from different sources causing a rift the categories of reliable information and propaganda. The people have become reliant on the media to provide news across the nation striking an authority figure that holds the face of society. The issue that evolves from the press is the reliability factor of the details released to the public. In Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” Plato discusses the ability to recognize the variances between appearance and reality through the story of an individual discovering the world for the first time. In this allegorical tale, there are prisoners who have spent their entire lives chained to the floor of a cave restricting any movement to examine their surroundings. The individuals have spent all their time watching shadows be reflected on the wall in front of their eyes until they are convinced the illusions they see are reality. One day, a chained prisoner finds a way free and begins to explore the world outside the cave. After a short period of time, he realized the whole time this “reality” had been shadows passing their eyes from people venturing past the cave. He was forced into the position of which reality he believed to be genuine which leads to this statement, “…and that when seen it must needs point us to the conclusion that this is indeed the cause for all things of all that is right and beautiful, giving birth in the visible world to light, and the author of light and itself in the intelligible world being the authentic source of truth and reason…” (Plato ). The prisoner begins to wonder if he would have been happier never knowing about the outside world and just believing the shadows were his reality. The modern day version of Plato’s cave relates the media as being the cave and the information provided as the shadows on the cave wall. Society as a whole could be seen as the prisoners with our heads pointed towards this “reality” that is merely the appearance the media wishes to bestow upon our eyes. With technology in the hands of the majority of people, images are increasingly placed in our minds causing the distinguishing factor between appearance and reality become harder to discover. The prisoners in the cave were presented with a lie to their eyes without a means of discovering the truth. This is comparable to the modern day media who have the key to the perception of most people through the use of technology. Avoiding the information provided by the media is nearly impossible the way news spreads across technology today. The Internet is the primary force that shapes reality since new updates can be uploaded at any minute of any day. There are constant images being created for local audiences and national audiences. Most of the time, the information being uploaded does not affect the entire audience’s life, but they will read the subject regardless being influenced in their views by the media. This is how the media gains advantages to reach their audience daily and begin to misrepresent different stories with their opinion while expanding their audience and sales. The media forces society deeper into the cave while allowing the audience to feel protected in their views and beliefs. Society would be faced with a different reality if we escaped the cave to see true knowledge, but the reality might force some back into the sheltered cave the media has been providing for years. The news media presents stories based on the subjects they suspect society to be interested in watching on television or read on their cellphones and laptops. Why is it a problem that the media provides information to inform society about the current events in the local and world? The manner in which the “facts” are released to the public are never entirely the truth since they are smudged with personal opinions or bias. Just like Plato’s prisoner who was faced with a tough decision after exploring outside the cave, which reality should we choose? The perception of the news society receives daily is similar to the shadows on the wall of the cave when the world of truth is the outside of the cave. The world outside of the cave is not presented by the media so why is it not questioned more often by society?