The novel

The novel, which takes place during the Great Depression, begins beside the River near, where two workers, Lennie and George, are walking on their way to a nearby ranch. As they walk along, George scolds Lennie for playing with a dead mouse and warns him not to speak when they arrive at their new place of employment. After they make up, George repeats to Lennie the of their dream that he and Lennie will raise enough money to buy a patch of land. George does not make a wise decision, George chooses to kill Lennie because of Lennie’s uncontrollable killing. Lennie does not mean to kill anyone but he is unaware of his strength. George thinks he is doing the right thing by killing Lennie, but really he is making a huge mistake. He believes that he is doing this for the sake of others but his decision if immoral. George was wrong for doing this, he does this for his benefit, and he is guilty. George killing Lennie is very immoral because Lennie does not know any better. Lennie is not killing people and animals on purpose he just underestimates his strength and does not realize that he is doing wrong. Lennie is innocent and does not deserve