The most significant freedoms granted in the First Amendment.

The right to freedom of religion barely crosses the minds of everyday Americans; it is just something that simply exists in society, but it serves a greater purpose. However, there are others in the world are battling for this right, a right that many Americans do not think too deeply about. Knox Thames states in his article that the Pew Forum of Religion and Public Life found that: “3 out of every 4 people in the world live in countries with high or very high restrictions on religion” (Thames, 171). America is a lucky country since the right to freedom of religion is integrated in every citizens’ daily lives. Without the freedom of religion, many Americans would be facing religious persecution— something that is an uphill battle for millions of others around the world. From the statistics stated in the quotes, roughly 75% of the world’s population is facing forms of religious restrictions. 25% of humans are free to practice their own beliefs; Americans get to make up part of that 25%. In the past, there have been mass persecutions based off one’s religion. For example, the Holocaust was a religious persecution against the Jewish community. Many Jews were either murdered or fled the country, becoming refugees. Today, religious prejudice exists in the Middle East. Notably, the ongoing battle between the Palestinians and Israelis revolves around religious injustice. Although it is not really religious persecution, the freedom to practice any religion should mean that someone’s religion will not influence how others will treat them. Although, religious persecution played a huge role in the development of the United States. The Pilgrims came to North America for many reasons, but one of main reasons was the freedom to practice their religious doctrine. Other settlers also came to the United States in hopes of that freedom too. To be able to believe in a god or not is a fundamental human right. Many people will not give up on their religion just because the government will force them to. The freedom of religion gives citizens the sense of security that no one can take away that huge and sacred part of them. This is the only right in the First Amendment to discusses religion. While press, petition, assembly, and speech are all linked closely to one another, the right to freedom of religion is the only one of its kind and is one the most significant freedoms granted in the First Amendment.