The media site is powerful, causing offence. She later

            The need to share information from our everyday lives to
gossip about celebrities is becoming part of a person’s daily routine which
leads to problems in their relationships with friends, coworkers, potential or
current employers, and other relationships in one’s life. “Facebook which is
the world’s most popular social-networking site has more than one billion
users, half of who check it five or more times a day”(). “Around 1.4 billion
people”(), a day regularly take time out of their day either on work breaks,
social gatherings, at home, or at school to update, post, or share pictures and
information with each other. The desire to be heard and the fear of missing out
are the primary motivators for participating online, everyone wants to be heard.
By publishing information on the internet, we are trying to influence the
impressions formed by others, sharing becomes a means to shape how others see
us. Facebook is not the only social media site people use, they also have
profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn to name only a few
companies. All these sites have in common is that they allow information to be
shared along with friends, followers, or basically anyone who encounters a person’s
profile. This consideration can be recognized when posting to these sites
especially if you are applying for a new job or if current employers can see
this information. Justine Sacco, who was the head of a corporate communications
company tweeted an opinion/comment during a trip to South Africa in which she
was fired for. The tweet read, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just
kidding. I’m white!”(). This tweet was retweeted over two thousand times and
went viral with a hashtag trending as well all while Justine was in the air.
This shows the negative impact on how a comment ended up being posted and resulted
in Justine’s termination and how the unthinking use of a social media site is
powerful, causing offence. She later apologized since she caused such an
outrage. People do not realize how easily information can spread and think “anything
goes” on the internet, which is certainly not the case. So many people today, record
all the twists and turns that happen in their lives through social media. Being
able to find out so much about a stranger so easily is becoming normal, there
is a loss of privacy. User’s concerns still do not stop them from sharing
information online. Society does not understand that when they post pictures,
comments, videos, or other information online it will stay on the internet forever
and is public domain. People are choosing what to share online, which is ultimately
up to the individual yet worried about companies seeing that information. Once
you post online you give up your privacy rights. The internet, with its instant
global reach allows users to share and post information with unprecedented

Every day, millions of
messages and videos are sent on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
Suddenly, people are able to connect and share information with a global
audience which is changing the way society is communicating with one another.
Social media is becoming an increasing problem in how the public is choosing to
share this information and what information is being shared. With tremendous
benefits that come with the development of social media there are also a lot of
disadvantages including relationship implications, psychological impacts, and
the spread of misinformation on social media.

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