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The world is in the age of information and highly advanced learning techniques. It revolves around computers, cell phones, tablets and a abundant amount of different technology. In the PBS documentary “Digital Nation”: Life of the virtual frontier produced by Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff February 2, 2010, examine and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of living and being part of a so in depth digital era. The documentary explores several different aspects and perceptions on technology. It explores how technology functions along side education, in the military, gaming and the effect’s multitasking has on people, specifically college students. Digital nation persuades the viewers that technology can have both a positive and negative consequence along with being effect and ineffective when used by youth. Technology has changed the world in many ways from being back in the mid-1900s when the first cell phone was invented to now in the 21st century having the ability to see a loved one that’s across the sea on the screen of your phone making it seem like they are present at the moment. Technology has also evolved into becoming a steppingstone for schools. With the utilization of technology, it has helped bring the attention of students back to the classroom. Also, simultaneously helping them learn the material needed for both the classroom and state testing. Largely all the teachers from the documentary “Digital Nation” where incorporating technology into their classroom in fact somewhere using virtual games to teach entire novels and history. One of the websites a english teacher used is called Ning. Ning being a social networking site not like Facebook, but it allows the students to write discussion questions and give feedback on their peer’s papers. As the New York City teacher stated the biggest take away from it all was knowing that their students were able to understand the novel and engage with it. Being engaged in the classroom can really make a difference in students grades and wanting to learn more overall. Like A school in New York City on the board of shutting down started seeing a increase in school attendance and a significant improvement on standardized testing after incorporating computers in the classrooms. It was clear that technology had effectively help the students become engaged and wanting to learn once again.Multitasking can seem like an effective wat to get stuff done faster but in fact it is not. Professor Dr. Sherry Turkle introduced the issue of multitasking by taking the stance that while it is assumed that multitasking will help students it is causing more harm than good. Turkle makes a strong claim that the point of education is to have the chance to sit and think about something not instantly respond to an email or write a paper as your simultaneously creating a presentation for another class. Research is done at Stanford and what they found was in fact multitasking was causing more harm than good. Students that participated in “extreme multitasking” where much slower than students who didn’t. Therefore, multitasking alongside technology is instead making it very ineffective instead of it being a highly effective tool. Technology has expanded largely across all areas of the world and in all subject matters. In the military they have used technology in a very effective way to help their soldiers stay safe. Within the military the documentary explains how they have started using unmanned drones helping keep more soldiers safe. By having them fly drones they can do airstrikes from thousands of miles away and not having to risk the solider lives. From this point of view the military has been using technology very effectively but they have also used technology gaming specifically very unaffectedly and unethically. The way the military has been using war games to lure young children in my opinion it’s in an ethical way of making war seem as it is a game and when in fact it’s not a game but actually a serious issue. On the other hand, knowing about the two different ways the military is using technology has its ups and downs, but the best way they are using technology is with drones. With the use of the drones it helps keep more soldier safe and keep them from having to go into combat in planes like the old days.