The link between corporate governance and financial performance. The

The study is divided into five chapters.

Chapter 1- The chapter begins with a brief introduction on
importance and resurgence of corporate governance practice as a main discussion
issue in the corporate world and the value of good corporate governance
practise. In line with this, it then states the problem statement of the
research, purpose and significance of the study, research questions, the
methodology applied, the scope of the study, the limitation of the study and
finally it ends with the organization of the study

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Chapter 2- Generally, this chapter covers earlier studies
and researches conducted in the field of corporate governance and financial
performance.It begins with the development of corporate governance initiatives
in Malaysia and the current status of the initiatives in terms of legal
requirements. It also discusses the issue of mandatory vs. voluntary disclosure
of corporate governance. Based on this, it was argued that if companies could
see that the disclosures leads to financial returns, then more could be done to
promote good corporate governance practices. The chapter then highlights
previous studies examining the link between corporate governance and financial

The studies are analysed in two parts. The first part covers
studies pertaining to the use of corporate governance index while the second
part covers studies examining specific corporate governance attributes.

Chapter 3-The chapter covers research methodology applied in
the study. It explains the corporate governance index used and the financial
performance indicators used. It also highlights the sample selection, data
collection procedure, hypotheses development and the statistical analysis

Chapter 4- The findings of the research and its’ analysis is
covered in this chapter.

Chapter 5- The chapter gives the summary of the study. It
also discusses the mplication of the study, its limitation and future research
that can be executed based on the findings of this research.