The improve the health and/or lifestyle of the populace.

3 categories of determinants used for creation of a National Health Care Policy
can basically be described as all the things associated with our daily lives
that in some way contribute to a healthy or unhealthy way of living. A key
objective of a national health policy should be to ensure good health for the
entire population. (1)This is a very oversimplified definition but an easy way
of incorporating all the ideas into one philosophy. Day to day choices,
opportunities presented to us, the way we live and work as well as governmental
programs available to us all factor in. There are as many conscious decisions
made by people, such as diet, smoking, exercise, or where we live that
influence our health. These are labeled lifestyle determinants and are the ones
we make daily, the ones on a more personal level. A broader and more abstract
determinant is the structural determinant. Some consider these the most
important however due to their importance in creating social programs for
improving health or broadening access to healthier alternatives in our lives.
The structural determinants also contribute to closing the gaps of inequalities
of a populace that when performed effectively can aid in reducing the
unhealthier aspects of a society. These might include increased access to
better schools, improved parks and exercise spaces, and better healthcare
programs for an underserved community. Socializing/Empowering determinants can
be thought of as combining social and lifestyle determinants to improve the
health and/or lifestyle of the populace. These might include a nonprofit
creating a sports league where none existed for kids or a group of people
lobbying against inequalities, like we have recently seen with the LGBT
community and Congress. The empowering determinant is exactly what it is
labeled as; empowering the people to make changes. Not coincidentally, a founding
principle of our country. Healthy People 2020 state the importance of “creating
social and physical environments that promote good health.”(2)There are many
programs created to address and assist each of the three determinants of
healthcare. These span the federal, state, and local governments and
communities. Large government programs such as improving working conditions
which is monitored by OSHA to the FDA labeling on medications and foods to
provide more information to people to make improved and informed decisions
about their health and nutrition choices, to community based healthcare for low
income families, to increasing access to better educational opportunities show
the expansive range of these programs that are in place today.