The his own death, the death of tiny time,

The first two spirits control Scrooge feelings and emotions such
as the sadness and rejection he felt when he was a child. The instructions of donating
to charity. While scrooge has just gone through the personal developments up to
this point, he now undergoes the final and most important spirit. The ghost of Christmas
yet to come. The, “phantom”, this is nothing but a colossal climax, from the other two
spirits. Scrooge witnesses his own death, the death of tiny time, someone he felt
heart for, and people’s responses to his demises. The realization on how
carless people are when this anonymous character has passed away referring to
scrooge, people only cared about his money, “What has he done with his money”. The Conclusion provides closure to the book and a satisfying
ending on how Scrooge reacts to the three spirits. Christmas morning, he is
awake like a new man, and put’s everything that was
said into consideration. He meets with the charity givers and donates money, he
arranges a gigantic turkey to be delivered to Crachits house, and even gives
bobs free money. Only the third spirit was never seen or has never talked, “left nothing of it visible”. We all fear that the
future may turn out to be bad, it is the future and we cannot witness what is
going to happen, and Dickens has made this very clear by developing the plot
from an emotionally effective spirit to a horrifying “phantom”, for the Ghost of Christmas
yet to come.