The food.The Gods put the meat over the fire,

The Kidnapping of IdunThree Gods, Odin, Loki, and Hoenir left Asgard their home on an adventure to a very isolated mountain far from where the gods live. Food was scarce in this mountainous area, so when they grew hungry they found a herd of oxen and they slaughtered them food.The Gods put the meat over the fire, to cook it but it the oxe meat would not cook, no matter how long they tried to cook it over the fire. As they continued to struggle to cook their meal, they heard a voice calling them from a tree. They looked up and saw a very large eagle on a nearby branch. The eagle said that he put a magic spell on the meat which wouldn’t allow the meat to be cooked. the meat.  The eagle told the Gods that only if he could have some of the meat would he release the spell. The Gods hesitantly agreed that meat once it was cooked and the eagle promptly came over to indulge in the meal.  Loki thought this to be infuriating, and, in anger, took a sturdy branch from the tree and hurled it at the eagle. The eagle grabbed the branch in his talons before it hit him and with Loki still hanging to the other end of the branch flew high up into the sky. Loki was terrified and pleaded to the eagle to release him. The eagle was actually Thjazi, a giant in disguise, who refused to let Loki go until Loki swore to bring him Idun and her fruits that rendered the gods ageless.  Thjazi wanted to acquire everlasting life and the other pleasure that eternal youth can bring.When Loki returned to Asgard, he approached Idun with a plan of trickery and told her of fruits more marvelous and powerful than her own.  Idun followed the trickster Loki and when they went to find the fruits of eternal youth in the woods, Loki changed into the shape of an eagle, captured her and took her to Thjazi realm named Jotunheim and selfishly flew back to Asgard.In Idun’s absence and since they were no longer able to eat the fruits of eternal youth, the gods and goddesses felt the effects of old age immediately. Their hair became grey and their skin wrinkled. When they gathered together and asked where Idun was last seen and who she was with, they were told that she was last seen with Loki. The gods confronted Loki and he confessed. The gods threatened him with execution if he didn’t rescue Idun from Thjazi.The goddess Freya lent him her hawk feathers so that he could shift his body into the shape of a hawk.  In the shape of a hawk, Loki flew off to Jotunheim, the home of the giants. When he came to Jotunheim, he found to his advantage that Thjazi had gone out to fish, leaving Idun alone and unprotected. Without wasting time, Loki turned the goddess into a nut and flew away with her in his talons.When Thjazi returned he found that Idun was missing and turned himself into an eagle and flew to Asgard in pursuit of Loki to retrieve Idun. By the time Loki was near Asgard, the giant was close behind him and almost captured him. When Loki’s god-like companions caught sight of the chase, they quickly built a pile of wood around their fortress. Loki, still holding Idun, made it across the wood barrier in the knick of time. The gods lit the wood on fire, and it exploded so rapidly that Thjazi was caught off guard at was engulfed in the flames and d