The features. Our goal is to make this robot

The company which produced Aiko,  has many hopes created for this robot. By 2020 Toshiba wants to make Aiko a full on communications bot. This robot will include features like speech synthesis, speech recognition, robotic control and other sensors. The goal for the robot is to be a communicator for the elders who may not be able to hear anymore, or they cannot do things like they used to. The elderly is limited to so many things, such as having hearing aids. In 20 years, this machine can be useful to help all those people. We have high hopes for this machine to learn new languages, a less terrifying human structure,  a pleasant voice to talk to, and more words to know. We want to upgrade this robot and make it very advanced. For now it will stay a display, but we plan to make this bot one of most advanced robot in the world. Knowing every language and any more features.  Our goal is to make this robot perfect, which we will make more humified and excellent. Robots are an everyday part of our lives.  Robots assemble cars, build computer chips and etc, and can also even pour our soft drinks. The basic use to our robots today has been the AI it uses to process its commands. We have made incredible leaps and bounds in that field over the past couple of decades. But the other aspect that hasn’t made much of a change has been the actual design or mechanical end of the spectrum.Scientist at Columbia University have gone on an undertaking to create a non-tethered soft tissue robot that can copy muscle movement and  have just made a giant leap in that research. This new technology could usher in a new future for in the field of robotics.Robots has always  used some kind of hydraulic or pneumatic system to cause the action of the robot. In layman’s terms, they can push air or fill it  into a container to make it extend or contract. This has always recommended modern robots to be restrained to some type of pumping mechanism, or they’re just too impractical because of their size. On top of that, their movements were always rigid and exceedingly hard to create the right touch to be used on humans for any reason. Well, that could be a thing of the past now though, with the new soft tissue actuator that has been created by this team of researchersThe Design process of the robot is that it was made to look like a human formed robot. It took years to come up with the Toshiba robot, because of how complex the designs were. Designing the robot to make it human like form was the hardest part of all. The design of the robot was programmed to make it to communicate to people and help them with any kind of needs. This robot is superhuman like that it can give people the creeps because it looks just exactly like a normal women. The design of this robot was to change history by making it speak sign language. People creating the machine needed the right tools to get the robot to speak sign language and they needed to make sure that there were the correct finger movements. The people who created this robot wanted to show others that it is possible to make something so realistic and so diverse. This robot can make a lot of human gestures as well, which was a lot hard for mechanics to design because it takes a lot of technology to make a robot have hand gestures like wave their arms and them put them down formally, that takes a lot of wires and technology to do so. To make the Toshiba robot it also had a lot of thinking. Meaning that the people who created the robots had to think a lot and think carefully. One mistake in the project means that the whole robot could be destroyed and not function properly and the way it’s supposed to function. That is why before making the robot the mechanics had to read the instructions and make sure to do it carefully. Making the Toshiba robot everything had to be placed gently the wires placed in the robot had to be placed gently and no piece could be bent. Many were amazed by how the robots turned out to be and how it looked so human like and real. The details on the face also had to be done gently. As placing the wires in the robot the face also had to be done with care. One mess up and the whole face of the robot could be messes up which is pretty bad. Everything like the eyes, mouth, and etc.. had to be done well, to make people think that it’s an actual human instead of a robot. To design these looks many talented artists had to come in and do this. With every single little detail they had to be careful. They needed to be careful because if one detail gets messed up than it won’t be the same as what it was intended to be, and what it was intended to be is the robot that has the same looks as know. Many people believed that they weren’t going to pull off such a robot with such advanced technology. Many said it was hard to believe that a robot can be so perfectly designed. Though the many people who said this were wrong. It was possible to create a robot with such fine designs and such advanced technology.