The extinct about 2.6 Million years ago. Though sightings

The Megalodon Shark was once the king of the seas. This shark grow to enormous lengths of over 70 feet long and weighing over 100 tons. At the time in its existence it was the largest shark kind animal of all. Still to this day it’s the biggest sShark ever. This monster ate everything in its path. From small planton to large Blue whales the Megalodon was one of its kind. Megalodons had 276 teeth in each row. There were Five rows of teeth all together leading up to 1,380 teeth in its mouth. The rows of teeth to chomp down its food and with a bite force of 30,000 pounds. It’s still to this day the largest bite force and any animal. The Shark had 7 inch sized teeth which also helped it eat and kill. Its huge mouth helped it to, opening of two full sized humans, so it had little to no problem eating a human full. “Its name “Megalodon comes from the Greek word megas meaning “Big” and odont meaning “tooth”” But at the time when the Megalodon existed it probably never ate humans. Megalodon teeth have been found all over the world two. The Shark traveled thousands of miles to try to find food but later died out because if the ice age as all of its food swam away or died out. Its main food was whale. It’s thought to believe that this shark went extinct about 2.6 Million years ago. Though sightings of Megalodon have been rumored. For example in WWII a picture of a large shark in the water was taken. Though scientist can’t be sure that it’s real image of one or not. Though Megalodon’s aren’t around anymore the shark has evolved into a small type of shark. The Great White Shark. Although it’s not at all closely related to the largest Shark we know today but a Great White shark almost looked like a Megalodon. Even though Great White Sharks are nearly ? of the size of a Megalodon it’s still a good way to look at one of these sharks and say that it looks somewhat like a Megalodon. Though little is know about the Megalodon scientist can only imagine what this Shark would do if it was still alive and what would happen if this huge kind of the oceans was still swimming in these waters as only about 5% of the whole ocean has been explored there’s still a chance that this massive Shark is still lurking in the deep depths of the ocean.