The employment when the child becomes young and in

The subject Psychology is an established
subject throughout the world at present. It is taught in many countries in the
world. Basically, psychology is the study of human behaviour. A person reacts
according to his or her human mind. So the study of this human mind is called
as psychology. A child should learn about humans from their small age onwards.
It is because then only they will learn to cooperate with other people.

There are several benefits which
students gain by studying psychology. By studying psychology a child will learn
to improve in education when he or she is a child, and also in employment when
the child becomes young and in relationships, which is needed for the whole
life until the death of each and every person. Some of the benefits children gains
through this subject are children will learn to be more effective and think
critically, children will understand the values of relationships and respect
other views, it also helps children to think practically and there are many
more advantages. In Sri Lanka because of the value in this subject there are
many reputed institutes which children can find to learn psychology, but in my
research the aim is to show the importance of teaching this subject from
secondary school itself. My main objective of doing this research is to evaluate
the importance which a student gets by studying psychology.

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In Sri Lanka the school curriculum is
designed to give the child a theoretical knowledge but not the practical
knowledge. This is a disadvantage for the child. In other countries children
get psychological lessons which motivate the students but we do not see this in
Sri Lanka. From a child’s first year in the school the child learn subjects
such as maths, science and English which will improve their subject knowledge
but not a single subject is taught which will benefit for the students future. There
should be a balance syllabus for children. There are many examples in Sri Lanka
which we can get to prove this situation. For an example the recent incident of
Tharini, in the year 2017 who was a graduate from the University of Peradeniya
in Sri Lanka suicide due to a break up of a love affair shows that though she
was well educated but she lacks the courage to face the problems which arises
in her life. If she got the basic psychological education from her school days
this will not happen. She was also a demonstrator in the campus. Though she
received all the subject knowledge she has not got the knowledge how to face
life, which is very important for all the students in this country. Through my
study I want to focus out this problem.

Research Objectives


The research
objective is to evaluate the benefits which children get by learning the
subject psychology in the school. Schools confront various issues such as a
result of lack of any means to educate students in measures related to conflict
management and self-management. The ultimate goal of this research is to have a
problem free environment for the children in Jennings International College.

identify the significance of carrying out a research to overcome psychology
related issues in schools.

identify and analysebenefits which students get by learning the subject
psychology in school.

provide a conclusion and suggestions to Jennings International College in order
to improve effectiveness of education provided.

Research Problem


At present in
Sri Lankan schools there are various issues such as drug addicted children,
young children who is into criminals, shyness, anxiety, aggressive behaviour,
phobia, stress, less communication between the teacher and a child, favouring, bullying
and especially suicides. These are frequently seen problems in schools which
teachers and the administration find it difficult to control. Though these are
huge issues for all the school children in Sri Lanka I will not focus on all
the schools in my research but I will generally discuss this problem with
reference to the students’ of Jennings International College.

Research Questions


·       Do the children have knowledge to solve
their own problems?

·       Is the teacher-student relationship
powerful in the school?

·       Is there a close person to tell the
problems of the children?

·       Are the students mentally free to study
the subjects taught in school?

·       Are the children happy with only subject
knowledge in school?

·       What is the perception children have
towards studying psychology?

·       What are the problems children have in
their secondary school life?

·       How will it be useful for children by
teaching the subject psychology?


Literature Review


meansthe scientific study of the mind and behaviour of
people.  Psychology includes many sub-field areas as human
development, sports, health, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive
processes. Psychology is a very new science, with high technology happening
over the past 150 years or so. (McLeod, 2011)


are several definitions for psychology from different scholars. All of them
have said the value of this subject, though in schools of Sri Lanka we do not
see that the people recognize the value of this subject. Stress, problems and
many other issues which children have can be control by studying this subject.
Motivation is the foremost thing a child needs from his or her school age. This
will be gain through studying this subject. Psychology helps a child to achieve
goals. It makes the mind-set of a child. There are many advantages which a
child gets it’s not just one or two benefits.  Experts say that the
approach to psychology is not that different to other sciences. As in other
sciences, experiments are devised to confirm or disprove theories or
expectations. For a physicist, the raw data during the experiments may be
atoms, electrons, the application or withdrawal of heat, while for the
psychologist human behaviour is the raw data.(Nordqvist, 2015)

learning how the brain function is really interesting for a student in school
age, not in depth but at least from the surface. A student can learn to live
marvellously in everyday life by studying this subject because this subject
helps to improve communication, build self-confidence and build better
relationships. In my view point these are the foremost necessary things which a
child needs for their lives.


Students in the Sri Lankan schools are only with
theoretical knowledge; these children are under pressure so they cannot even bear
up a small issue which arises in their lives. For an example if a student
scores fewer marks the parents use to scold them, then afterwards the solution
of the child is to suicide. This is what they know to do at present. It is
really pathetic to see these incidents happening very commonly at present. This
is not actually their fault. The society is in a race at present. Even the
parents push the child for education they do not think of the psychological
side, because even the parents are not aware of it.Children get the subject
knowledge they do not know about the value of a life. This happens because of
their unawareness.


is a welfare association in the government called Sri Lanka Sumithrayo which
works to prevent suicides. They conduct counselling programmes. They conduct
programmes for both rural and town schools. These types of organizations are
needed for schools which are not expanded in Sri Lanka. (Dissanayake, 2009)

data which I collect is from the school Jennings International College, this
school as many other schools do not have even a student counsellor which will
benefit for the students. The director of this association, Sumithrayo is Ms
Lakshmi Rathnayake. According to her most of the city schools do not have
counselling programmes for children; she said that this is a serious problem. Under
the present social conditions, children are exposed to pressure and stress.
They are exposed to all kinds of influences. Communication and proper guidance
are the key factors to help them. (Rathnayake, 2009)


parents of the children are also not much educated so they do not know how to
handle children. Threatening is not good for a child which most of the parents
do. So the unpractical children will be stressed out with pressure without
anyone to help by their side. Even the teacher-student relationship is not much
effective in schools at present. Unlike the past children are not closer to
teachers. So the children feel helpless and lost in their thoughts. Their last
decision sometimes will be ending life. This is the reason why counselling
programmes and psychological lessons are important for students in their
secondary education in schools.




Research Methodology


research methodology helps to solve the problem successfully. It is because
this may help to understand how to do a research successfully. This survey is
based on collecting first as well as second hand information from Jennings
International college students. The data would be collected through means of
distributing questionnaires, conducting semi structured interviews with students
and lastly to make use of observation. The researcher has planned to conduct
issuing questionnaires for 33 students so that the findings will be less biased
for the data analysis. The results of this will be used for the quantitative
part of the research, to analyse statistical values. The data will be shown
through pie charts and graphs. This is also the methodology of the study where
it further describe the population of the study, sample selected, sampling
techniques used in selecting the sample, data collection methods used in which
the collected data is being analysed.Teachers will also be interviewed. The
questionnaire which is planned to be given is attached in the appendix.


operant conditioning theory will be used to analyse my points in the research.
As well as the researcher will take few schools which teach the subject
psychology, as examples to show the progress which children have and to show
the difference within them. This will be done by inquiring and getting the
required information from the schools.









Research design and conceptual framework


research will be done in both qualitative and quantitative methods to identify
the importance in psychology. This is done in Jennings International College
with the grade eight students. This will analyse about their need in subject
and about the importance of teaching the subject psychology.

importance in       teaching Psychology

Effectiveness and critical                thinking

Reduce problems which students have
during school time & in career life

To understand ourselves and about

Build self-confidence and improve