The employer and employee and facilitates that the contract

organizing of unions is to ensure the voice of the employees are heard and they
are being treated fairly in regards to working conditions, wages and handling
of disputes to name a few.  The union
negotiates a contract between the employer and employee and facilitates that
the contract is being carried out as promised. 
According to the United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of
America the five key steps that employees must take to form a union and they
are as follows.

Build an organizing committee that
represents all major departments and shifts

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Include the racial, ethnic and gender
diversity in the workplace

Gather basic information about the

§  Workplace

§  Employee

§  Employer

Adopt an issues program

Improvements that forming a union would

Sign up majority on union cards

Solicit co-workers to sign membership

§  Sizable

Win the union election

Signed card used to petition for an

§  If
the union wins employer must recognize and bargain with union

Negotiate contract

The ultimate goal is a union contract

§  Coverages
can include but not limited to wages and how disputes are handled

(United Electrical, Radio
& Machine Workers of America, 2018)

            Public and private employees have the same issues and
concerns but how they are handled differ due to the governing body of the
public employees.  When it comes to
organizing unions private employees vote through an election overseen by the
National Labor Relations board whereas a union is formed if the majority of the
workers voting in the election process vote for the union (Communications
Workers of America, AFL-CIO, CLC, 2018). 
Things are slightly different for the public sector and depending on
where you live the organizing process differs. 
In some states employees are allowed to choose through a majority sign
up while others require a more traditional approach where majority votes decide
(Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, CLC, 2018).

            The roles of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
are to make a decision if collective bargaining exists for a bargaining unit of
employees when petitioned by employees; oversee the secret ballot elections for
employees trying to organize a union and prevent or correct unfair labor
practices by employers and unions (Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., 2018).  The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA)
is an independent federal agency that oversees labor relations between the
federal government and their employees. 
The primary difference between the two is the FLRA represents the public
sector whereas the NLRB represents the private sector.

            Everyone has the right to join a union however it’s up to
each employer if they want to join or not. 
Unions are formed when employees feel there are issues that are not
being resolved such as unfair wages, deplorable working conditions or disputes
that can’t be handled in house.  A sign
up process takes place and then the voting process begins; the union is birthed
when a majority vote is received followed by the bargaining process which ends
with a contract. 



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