The correct me if I am wrong I’m not

The name of the short story is
The Sniper. The story was written in 1922 during the civil war.


The Irish writer Liam
O’Flaherty wrote this short story

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U”The Sniper” begins its story in Ireland, during the
Irish Civil War. The enemy is just across the street on the rooftop opposite of
the Republican sniper. At the same time a heavy armored car drives down the
road. An old woman walks around the corner and she informs the man in the armored
car, about the sniper on the building across from them. Just before the man in
the armored car can shoot at the sniper, though, the Republican sniper shoots
the man and takes his life. He shoots the woman and kills her, too, as she tries
to escape.


Distracted for a brief moment,
the Republican sniper gets hit in the forearm by the bullet of the republican
sniper. In tremendous pain, he cannot lift or hold his rifle anymore. He pours
an antiseptic over his flesh wound, the antiseptic is extremely painful. In
order to flee the place, he puts his rifle on the far edge of the roof with his
cap on its end; the enemy sniper shoots at the cap he is holding, and the enemy
sharpshooter ingeniously makes it look like he had been shot dead by the other


Then the enemy sniper thinks
it is safe and he stands up on the roof. In addition, the republican takes his
aim and shoots him down. He decided to get out of the place but his curiosity attracted
him to as who the man he shot was. He walked over and turned the corpse around,
only to see his brothers face.


The story takes place at night
in 1922, during the great civil war. The story takes place in Dublin, Ireland correct
me if I am wrong I’m not entirely sure. The setting is at night.


The story is told from the
point of view of an omniscient narrator. We can see this because he knows the
feelings of the sniper and can tell about all of the surroundings. The narrator
can be trusted.



A republican sniper portrays
the main protagonist. the antagonist is the enemy of the protagonist, and as we
find out the enemy was his brother. Some other minor characters where the truck
driver and the old lady.


 The main struggle is the fact that the sniper
is trying to get out of a life-threatening situation.  and to do that he has to neutralize his
enemies. He succeeds in killing some, but then he himself gets shot by the
enemy sniper. But in the end he manages to kill the sniper his brother.


The climax if the story occurs
when the sniper takes out the enemy truck and lady, then getting shot himself
and then ends up killing the other sniper.


The story is really about the conflicts
during the civil war in Ireland and this story describes it well. And the fact
that you never know who is working for the other side.


“His bullets would never
pierce the steel that covered the gray monster.” Is a metaphor from the text.
When he rolls over the corpse and sees into his brothers face. It could mean
his actual brother or it could mean a army brother, a brother like good friend.
That is a symbol.