The Clovis or tiny gravers to scratch the skin

The history of the Clovis people is
believed to be connected to the extinction of animals of the ice age era and
are also believed to be some of the first settlers. Clovis
people are known for what they used to hunt and known for the tools they
created to hunt. Clovis people are believed to be connected to native Americans
and also eastern Asia. Many artificial facts have been left behind by the Clovis
people such as Clovis points, coprolites, and caves. Many of these historical
facts and cites will help archeologist determine the history of the Clovis

points are spearheads made nearly 13000 years ago made by native people of
North America. They are believed to be used to hunt large mammoths, sloths and
other animals in North America. The Clovis points help archeologists identify
where the Clovis people settled. It also helps them identify the locations of
where the hunting by Clovis people occurred. Clovis points also help archeologists
understand the spread of ancient people from Africa to Asia. Being able to
identify these cites helps them find more artificial facts.

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it is determined that the Clovis people are native Americans but then it is believed
that the Clovis people resemble people of the Caucasian descent. Prior to
finding these new studies it is said that the Clovis people hunt elephants of
the ice age era but then the researchers come up with the conclusion that they
we generalized hunters.

gault site was a major tool factory for the Clovis people. The Clovis people
often left and returned for long periods of time. The gault site was very
valuable to the Clovis people. It was very important because it had a great
deal of flint. The Clovis people also used Clovis or tiny gravers to scratch
the skin to draw blood or allow tattoo pigment to absorb.

archeologists discovered that pre-Clovis people were there 1000 years before
the actual Clovis time. The archeologist’s states that the DNA tells them the evidence
they have to date is certainly of Native American origin. The coprolite DNA
also states that the genetic patterns are most related to present day Native
Americans as well as Eastern Asia. They also found that in the coprolites
contained other species such as canine. This study helped them form the
conclusion that there were dogs that were eating humans. However, there is so
much more to be determined through the coprolites.

my opinion, in 13,000 years from now, we 21st century people will probably be
labeled as the people of technology. Technology has become so important and
vital to us, everything we do is connected to technology. We use technology to
learn how to cook, we use technology for school, we use technology to wash our
clothes, dishwashing, our kid’s toys, etc. Not much of anything we Americans do
is hand done like back in history when people hand washed their clothes or wrote
a paper versus typing it on a computer or on our cell phone. I think the future
will label us as the creators of technology, but technology will only be
enhanced and perfected from now.

have never been on an archeological dig, but I do believe I would find it
completely interesting. The most I have ever dug up were seashells at the beach
and that to me is still fascinating. However, I enjoy history, it is one of my
favorite subjects because historical facts about things that have taken place
is proof that there were people before us and people before them.