The charge their phone at any time in the

The availability is a main difference between solar power and
fossil fuel. Solar power is only available during daytime. So people benefit
from solar power only when the sun is raised. Unlike fossil fuel which exists
in anytime people want. People can drive their car, cock at night and charge their
phone at any time in the day. In addition, fossil fuel covers 90% of human
consumption of energy. Since the world population has increased through time.
Additionally, the human industry has enhanced in the last decade. As a result,
people looked for an available and efficient source of energy which was fossil
fuel. According to Hall (2016) “The enormous expansion of the human population
and the economies of most nations in the past 100 years have been facilitated
by a commensurate expansion in the use of fossil fuels.” (p.96).    


  The environmental impact of
solar power and fossil fuel is another difference between them. Solar power is
known as a renewable source of energy. Renewable sources are clean, natural,
and do not form much pollution, so solar power is not harmful to the
environment. On the other hand, fossil fuel has a negative and damaging effect
on the environment. By burring the fossil fuel a big number of contaminants
which can destroy the environment like CO and CO2 . And those contaminants cause many different. For example, air
pollution, greenhouse, and climate change. Many studies have approved that some
contaminants override the limits which supposed to be constrained by an
organization. Because of that overriding, the environment has big problems. A
study by Rafindadi, Yusof, Zaman, Kyophilavong and Akhat (2014) found that
“there is a significant, and positive relationship between pollution and energy
consumption. the fossil fuel energy consumption has a major dominating on
changing the environment in the region.” (p. 11396).

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   The quantity of solar power is different than
the quantity of fossil fuel. Since the energy of solar power comes from the sun
which is a renewable part of nature.  Based
on some studies claimed that the earth’s solar system will last for 9 billion
years. In addition, the sun is available in a good quantity for any nation in
the world since the sun is a not owned by anyone. According to Fodor and Sallai
(2011), “solar energy are renewable energy sources, which can be found in large
quantities in most parts of the world and can be exploited economically.” (p.83).
On the other hand, fossil fuel quantity can deplete in years. Fossil fuel is defined
source of energy. Based on scientists who claimed that the fossil fuel will run
out approximately in 100 years. In addition, fossil fuel is not available in
large quantity for all countries. Only countries who have fossil fuel on their ground
own fossil fuel in big quantities.   


  Even though both solar power and fossil fuel generate
energy, availability, environmental effects, and quantity differentiate them.  Solar power is available in certain hours a day
,unlike fossil fuel which exists all day. Fossil fuel is a dangerous source of energy
because of all the effects which occurred because burning it compared to solar
power which doesn’t form any pollution. Solar power exists in large quantities for
all countries ,unlike fossil fuel.