The been mistreated, excluded and subordinated. Much progress has

closer the person is to the “ideal” that a discriminatory society imposes-
being a man, white, straight, with no disabilities-the better chances you have
to succeed in society. Throughout history, minorities have been mistreated,
excluded and subordinated. Much progress has been made; the society in general
has finally become more conscious of its differences and pluralism.  However, it is clear that the concept of
equality is still violated when certain privileges are given to a specific
group of people, while the other has more barriers to overcome. This discrimination
hinders progress in a society, has huge psychological impacts for the victim and
harms constructive relationships.

If societies want to progress, they must fully abandon
old concepts that hold them back intellectually and culturally. The roots of
discrimination are more ancient that one can imagine. The history of humanity
greatly influence the way people live and their beliefs today. The use of old
precepts causes discrimination, wrong assumptions and judgments of many social
groups. For example, in the book To Kill
a Mockingbird, the population of Maycomb is extremely racist and wrongly
convicts the character Tom Robison because of his skin colour, violating
democracy and his human rights.  In
addition, if citizens still hang on to these old precepts, they will never
include the marginalized social and racial groups of a community. Therefore,
these groups will never have the opportunity to leave the fringes of society
and change their reality of poverty and exploration. This will only increase social
and economic inequalities, suppressing progress. Finally, this environment
prevents the emergence of constructive relationships between people supposedly
different.  This impedes the creation of
a supportive community with a sense of unity. For example…crooks……… Therefore,
the discrimination that originated from historic contexts hinders the society´s
progress through wrong judgments, social exclusion and disunity.

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way that discrimination affects the world is harming
the mental health of those who have to face it daily.  Diseases like anxiety and depression are many
times caused by rejection or by the fear of not being accepted. This becomes
clear…………………………………………………… Moreover, the discrimination diminishes the way
people see themselves, which discourage them to show the world their full
potential.  For example, a Latin American
woman in the US stops believing in her potential because is a daily target of
critics related to her geographic background. Even though she might be
competent, she is discouraged and her strengths are wasted in the labour
market. Lastly, when people are discriminated because of who they are, they start
to deny their identity in order to adapt to the ideal society imposes, which
devalues their individualities. Therefore, much diversity is lost and people
end up losing track of what they really are. To conclude, the pressure put on
people becomes the cause of many mental diseases, loss of self-worth and of identity
only because the diversity of the human race is not properly accepted. 

discrimination changes the way people see each other; they stop seeing their
fellow citizens as equal and start viewing them as inferior. This may cause
conflicts, violence, and even wars, disturbing the peace of a community.

begin, when people find themselves being excluded or discriminated, they will
look for a way to leave this reality. 
Frequently, violence is seen as one of these exits, from little fights
after school to conflicts in global scale.  In fact, theses global conflicts are also a
constant concern nowadays. 

by discrimination, those conflicts now involve political and economic interests
and may cause an international impact. 
For example, the various conflicts in the Middle East today originated
from an extreme discrimination of different religions. The impact of this discrimination
is not restricted to the Middle East; terrorist attacks and immigration crisis are
happening all around the world because of it, which confirms the strong
connection between violence and discrimination. In addition to the


addition, In some countries, rape is endemic; in others, girls are bought and sold
in settlement of family debt; forced and underage marriage, domestic violence
and femicide remain all too common