“The and indoctrinated him into an extremist. After he

“The Rise of ISIS”
by Joby Warrick is a unique and phenomenal narrative of how the Islamism groups
like “al ‘Qaeda and “ISIS” came about. It’s the story of young men from the Middle
east that join each other to became rebel of who many had extremist views. Among
them a young and very intelligent young Saudi named Osama Bin Laden and also in
Afghanistan is a street thug from Jorden maned Abu Musab Zarqawi even though
they do not get along to against people they believe are enemies to Islam who
joined forced to create groups that we knew as al-Qaeda and ISIS. A young man
from Jordan named Zarqawi who was pretty much non-literate became an extremist through
the help of a religious leader named Abdullah Azaan that he met in jail. Azann
and other jail members influenced Zarqawi into having extremist views and
indoctrinated him into an extremist.  After
he was in and out of jail he had joined forces with Bin Laden to fight against
the west and their views.

            They are engaged in a conflict along
individual that identify along different parallel ideas. There are a lot of
factor that have a play in this situation in my opinion. It derives in my opinion
from the idea of modernity being created during the last two centuries and that
largely being driven by western processes due to combination of economic,
political, cultural and religious ideas that they have inserted into the rest
of the world. To an extent ISIS and the ideology behind groups like al-Qaeda
are a rejection of westernize and more specifically of the modernity defined by
the west. In this paper, I will talk about how these factors play a role on why
these group existed today and what it tells us about civilization specially how
with every rise of power in the modern or post-modern world there is always
going to a force of imbalance. And right now, because the grand force is the United
States there is opposing groups like ISIS.

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            We can look at the introduction of
the industrial revolution and how it introduced new ways of farming approaches and
enhanced livestock development that led to better food reproductions. Witch in
a way was beneficial for some by increasing population and fasten the wealth of
the communities, But these new farmer techniques also made many people upset.
It led to the destruction of traditional labor and many people lost their role
in society and their jobs because of it. It made many people very unhappy and
they when into the street to protest and fight for their rights back. The
revolution which took place in Europe specially in German, France and Italy
from pressure the government attempted on middle class and it failed to achieve
because these people did not have a same view and felt that their social and
economic position were threatened so they had to fight and revolt against it. That
come to show that when people are introduced to things, new ways of living they
feel frightened and think their social status, identities and ways of living
are being taken away from them so they revolt.

            We can go back and look at any large
empires like the Othman, and roman empire groups wanted to fall out of that.
There were always fighting groups that were willing to battle against those
ideas of modernizing the world. These opposing groups have a sense of identity
and nationalism that they feel the introduction of modernizations is going to
take away from them. They base their existence on keeping those values and
norms. The main idea behind ISIS is religions which is the main element behind
many nationalistic movement. They use the Islamic religion as to why they are
murdering people. So, to them anything that is not what they believe right in
their own understanding of what Islam and the prophet Mohammed has said is to
be eliminated. These individuals have a religious national identity. Isis and
Al-Qaeda see themselves as nationalistic religious movement and its purpose it
to fight against those individuals who are not part of their society and that
do not have the same ideologies as them even if it is one of their own Islamic
brother or sister as they would call them. One of the main goals of these
extremist groups is to not let the western world embed their ideologies into
the Muslim lands. Their religious identities and nationalistic viewpoints stand
as an alternative to prevent the western modernity and nonreligious values from
their people. So, what they do is recruit members from their communities and
teach them extremist views to help them with this fight against their enemies.
They believe that they are part of a fight for their religion in the name of Allah and that they were ordained by him
to defend the name of Islam by killing anyone who is against it. Like Zarqawi
said they “are commanded to kill the kafir”
(Warrick, 59). These ideologies of national identity are what make these
extremist views more problematic. For example, thinking about world war two
there was this swirl of nationalistic ideology in advance of it that undermined
a lot of the modernization peace that was liberal democracy regime that have a
very important role in a national identity.

            The thing with ISIS to me is that they
are very western oriented in my opinions The irony in this whole situation is
that these Islamite’s reject the idea of modernity just in return to only end up
using its mechanism and altercations for its fight against that same western modern
world. They use modern automation and techniques to be violent in the name of Islam.
But most of them are train by the west with modern western tactics witch they
use to counter. They use western weapons to kills westerns. The booms, the guns
all of it is a modern western creation. So, when it comes down to is ISIS in a
way is for modernization they just haven’t come to accept it yet. And there is
that weird political dynamic. Their economic and political alit are all western
educated for the most part, but they have to cater to a population that is
increasingly anti-western. There is that very weird push and pull going on that
very hypocritical to me. Actually, democracy to me helps them become more
militant than they would have been otherwise. It certainly has some connection
in the contemporary modern world. So, to should not be something to rely on as
the key reason to why they are terrorizing the western world and its ideas of
modernity.  ISIS have used some of these
ideologies for reasons and it gives them a greater legitimacy to their actions.
They wanted to be seen as a civilizational struggle. The wanted to be the west
imposing its self on the Muslim world with large.  

might say that ISIS is in a clash of civilization with just the west. And that
is actually really important to know. It is a very conflicting, they are not
very so kind to their fellow Muslims that do fall out of their ways of seeing
things and that is going to run into conflict with people who identify along
different parallel structures. At the same time as ISIS and Al-Qaeda are in a
way espousing ideologies that falls in line with a lot of what Huntington says
in the “Clash of Civilization”. But the problem with ISIS goes a little bit behind
that. At a surface level analysis, we might say that this looks at lot like a
clash of civilization but when we actually look at what is really taking place
there it is not so. But in sense, I think Huntington’s thesis in the “clash of
Civilization” is relatively true just because the borders that were drawn in
the middle east were drawn for no reason and also by people who did not live
there. And that is one of the reason the culture transcends political Ares and
also on the other side with the rise of EU Europe sort of losing their
political borders culturally it makes a lot of sense in a way.

            On another level, I kind of disagree
with it, I think people awn the individual way of analysis too much for example
looking at north Korea with totalitarian regime and that an individual base
analysis and also with the current situation in the United States we have a
such division internally with somebody that is completely contradicting the
norms of the executive office that can result in some significant repelling
effects that might be causing big problems. So, I think it is beyond clash of
civilization, when totalitarian ways are being used to rule over people. And
that should be kept in many particularly in thinking about the argument that
ISIS making and what that means in relationship to the idea of civilization
struggle. Because here is the thing that is important about ISIS and Al-Qaeda,
they wanted to be seen as a civilizational struggle. They wanted to be the west
imposing its self on the Muslim world with large not just their specific variant
of sections of the Islamic world. In a way, they are a totalitarian regime
imposing its self on the east and against the west and its modern ways.

            One of the side effects or simple
reality of the industrialization is that it forces countries and nations to
focus and pay attention to internal development. For example, the silviat union
following the Russian revolution, Russia is not particularly interested or
international conflict because they are poor in resource developping the
silviat union. Globalization is a problem in this as well it breeds conflicts.
There is a lot of resentment for westerns because they are expanding into the
Islamic world. It also has many influences on these Islamism countries. Let’s
look at Saudi Arabia for example. Women were not allowed to drive, but they
revolted and they were given that right. These Islamite groups see the west as
an influence on those women trying to fight for that right to drive. Even
thought to some extent the western influence is a good thing. The fact that in
this case it is making their women revolt and have movement for their rights to
drive make the western world and its modernity seem as a threat to these
people. They feel that civilized society is coming in and become the corrosive influence
on their views and ideals of life.

            This bring us to modernization
peace. Isis and terrorist group like it can be seen as great threats to
modernization peace and this idea of modernity and a peaceful environment. It
has the potential to gain followers. Even if the heads of these groups are
eliminated like Ben Laden and Zarqawi. Their ideologies which they made sure
they taught other people will stay and be acted upon. it gives the potential to
spread alternatively. Witch make the idea of terrorism more concerning in my opinion
that the act of it. Like isis coming to the United State versus the idea being
planted into people to act upon. Witch bring us to the point that the perceived
threat of terrorism generally outweighing the actual act of it. That sort of
end the way these societies operate because of the conflict between these
eastern counties and the western world, and what it causes the western world
liberal democracy to do in order to count that as presided threat. And that is
the big idea. If you want to get rid of westernization and modernity which
terrorist actually represent real strong threat to that idea because the
liberal democratically order struggle actually to respond to these terrorist
groups like Al-Qaeda that operate outside the bound of normative international

             There is some alternative to modernity that
have been presented. For example, the with regard to the victory of liberal
democracy as in a way the defined political idea in the twentieth century. Even
before the pre-civilized world there were revolution like isis. People use to
fight for food territorial rights, if you are in a pre-civilized world where
you do not have access to developed agriculture, gaining access to food
supplies is a big deal. Being on a land that is not providing enough food
either through animal protein, or other ways. You are going to need to find
whatever it is that you are missing. And you are most likely not the only one
on that search. And that’s what create conflict between groups.

             No matter what there will always be an
opposing group to everything in my opinion. because the idea of one world, one
idea of rule or one right way to leave that not work for everyone. For ISIS,
the idea of modernization is going to take away their identity and nationality
from them. Westerns bringing in their way of living into the east is going to
take their way of leaving and beliefs away and they are not ready to accept
that. So, to them being violent and terrorizing the west by attacking their
system and population is their way of scaring the west. Doing such thing is
going to show the westerns how the introduction of their way on the eastern
soil is to the extremists. ISIS value their tradition, that is why they fight
in the name of Islam. One of the main goals of these extremist groups is to not
let the western world embed their ideologies into the Muslim lands. Their
religious identities and nationalistic viewpoints stand as an alternative to
prevent the western modernity and nonreligious values fro