The and give Ambrose the second metal. English word

The movies is
About Johnny English, he was for eight years agent of the MI-17. In this movie

Jonny English is training after a bad mision in Mozambique.
On one day the MI-17 get Johnny back, because there is a new mision anybody
want kill the Chinese Premier. The person the mamby more know want only talk to
English. Johnny English go back to Londen and meet there his new boss Pegasus.
Pegasus want give Johnny English one more chance. Johnny English meet his his
new team mate Kate Summer and see Simon Ambrose, secret agent nummer one. He
fly with his new assistant Tucker to Hong Kong. To a informate they more knows,
a old CIA agent. The informate say that the murderd of the Chinese Premier a
group of people is that they called: Vortex. The murderd van only go on with a
key. The key is about tree deels of mentaal. The informate had one, he give him
to English. English fly back to Londen, But on his way is that steal. But he go
golf with a Russische double agent he have the second mental of the key. When
they golf the double agent is shot. The Russische double agent can tel Jonny
where the third key is. He is by a MI-17 agent. English and Tucker are in
research who has the thirt key? Tucker give English a smart idee he say that
Simon Ambrose the third had, but Johnny don’t listen to him and give Ambrose
the second metal. English word suspect that he is the spoin is and run away. He
ga to Kate Summer and there exspose they the bandage to police murd five years
ago in Mozambique and Vortex. When you have they key you have a kill drink and
that is a big bandage with the mission in Mozambique. And what in Mozambique
event is mamby going again. The person that the drink drinking is order control
what you say that do he and a minute later he go death. Vortex can murdert him
and never go in the jail. English and Tucker try the kill drink save. But then
drink English accidentally the wrong drink he drinks the kill drink. Simon
Ambrose use that. And give English the order: shot the Chinese Premier. The
train in Tibet help and win of the drink. After a heavy chase, English shot a
bom to Simon. Bescause the good mission English is back by the MI-17, but that
is failed besause he think that the murderd there walks but it is the queen

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