The always rather have a conversation through the phone

The age we live in today revolves around technology, and has become the sole thing that our world is dependent upon to function properly. Our generation has been surrounded by technology since birth. To be more specific, our generation is the first to always have the internet present, and the first to have the internet on a mobile device. When I was in fifth grade, the IPhone was released and ever since that day the smartphone has been something readily available to use. In a world of technological advancements there are positives and negatives that come along with that. Our generation is unique because of the technology we grew up with. I believe that the technology that has always surrounded our generation is what shapes the attributes and characteristics of our generation. The iPhone has forever changed the way we live, and since our generation grew up with this technology, it should be called the GenTech. 
We are a generation that is always connected, whether it is to the internet, social media, or friends. There are many tools we have to stay connected, which includes the internet, computer, cell phone, smartphone, tablets, apps, and other devices. Technology is the way our generation meets people, expresses ideas, define themselves, and understand each other whether it is through messaging, calling, or now FaceTiming. Sometimes our generation is too connected to their phones, and that is where problems can begin to arise.  (Add quote about mental health)
Our generation is also full of Internet experts. Since we always have access to our phones, we can answer questions quickly because the Internet is accessible at the touch of a button. We are constantly checking all the different social media platforms for the latest news, trends, or memes. It becomes an addiction because there are no limitations to what we can see or research.
The iGen also would always rather have a conversation through the phone then in person. When messaging someone everything is more comfortable. There are no awkward pauses, or uncomfortable topics to talk about. While messaging, there is time to think of a well thought out response and you are able to control everything that happens. For our generation, messaging is second nature and something we never think twice about. It is the way we grew up talking to our friends and staying connected when we are separated. 
Our generation is good at taking in information and retaining it. Since we are always on our phones surfing the internet, scrolling through multiple social media platforms, we are constantly taking in new information without even realizing. We always are learning new things and moving on to the next big thing. 
Our generation tends to get less sleep because of our phones. We sleep next to our phones and late at night we check messages, and stay up late scrolling through social media. Our phones have so many different distractions associated with them that it is extremely easy to feel as though you are missing out on something, just being off of it for a few minutes. So sleep is not a priority when all these distractions are inevitable to occur late at night. For middle and high school age students, it is super important to get the right amount of sleep each night because a lack of sleep can impact mental health and happiness. (Add quote to back up)
Dangers associated with driving are occurring within iGen because of phone distractions. Almost all kids that are driving have phones, and most of the phones they possess are smartphones. All of these people are constantly checking their phones for a text and even replying to texts, updating social media, or even scrolling through their music for the next song to play. IGen is the first generation of young drivers that have a new distraction that is always with them in the car. 
Our generation is also reliant on technology. It is something that has become so necessary for our generation to function. We have grown up with it, and we would see our lives so much different without it. Like I said, most conversations are digital now, and are through text messaging and messaging apps. We are now reliant on technology for being our main source of communication. For school, technology is almost always required. Our generation never uses books to look something up because we have the internet accessible 24/7. Our phones are like food and water. We always have them on us, and constantly are checking them for the next thing. 
With all of this technology surrounded our generation there are also big responsibilities that come along with it. Social media has become a source of cyber bullying and a place to vent. People from our generation find it easy to hide behind the screen and say evil things. Across the nation there are people from our generation that struggle with depression and there are suicides daily. This is a result of technology that has been used in the wrong way. Even though technology is not always the source of these suicides, the numbers do not lie when the suicide rates have skyrocketed these past fifteen years. 
All this to say it is obvious to see that our generation is surrounded with technology and its advancements. Technology, and specifically the smartphone is something that has been around almost all of iGen’s lives. It has shaped the way we function in this world. Technology has forever changed the world we live in, and our generation will never be able to live without it