the all the administrative functions in the organizations. 7.

the I.T department, you are immediately sent to your working desk where
you are introduced to other departments.

I would lay emphasis briefly on what the various departments do at the
Consumer Health care business.

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and marketing – they are responsible for making first contact with customers
especially marketing by listening to the needs of customers and using the
resources of GSK to render assistance and support to our consumers worldwide.
The sales department deliver sales presentations, close deals with clients and
continue to build strong customer relationships with consumers.

and Supply chain – They are responsible for the production and shipping of GSK
products to our consumers locally and globally. The forecast team is also part
of the supply team since they are responsible for the number of products
getting to various clients making sure the number of products sold are enough
and in excess. They are also make proper management so that we never go out of

service – They are responsible for the taking of orders from clients and making
sure all ordered products gets to the consumers on time. They make dispute
forms created from clients and deliver them to the sales department to rectify
the problem.

Finance-  The finance team works together with all
departments to drive the plans of the business. They try enormously to manage
cost and maximize the cash flow of GSK. They also help to generate new revenue
for other investment in research which enhances also good returns for shareholders.
Money is very important and that is the main goal of any organization in order
not to ever go bankrupt.

and regulatory compliance team- Since compliance can be said to be observing
the rules, policy and standard of a required specification, the legal and
regulatory team ensure the awareness and take steps to obey and comply to all
relevant laws and regulations which affect the organization externally and
internally in the manner of doing business.

Manager – He is responsible for managing and leading all the administrative
functions in the organizations.

– They are trainees assisting in their assigned departments.

The above-mentioned functions show the structure of the company and I
will make further elaborations on the interns’ position at GSK.