The a world without hurt or pain may come

The Perfect Community         In the perfect world, there would be conflict and struggles. No, that’s not contradictory. In the Webster dictionary, perfect is defined as being “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.”       When we hear this definition, a world without hurt or pain may come to mind. This is not accurate. Perfect, in this sense, is not the absence of bad, but the presence of good.  Mind you, good in itself is a relative term. It can only be measured in relation to something else. As food is only tastes good after we hunger, mankind cannot feel happiness without some precedent of unhappiness. If, in a theoretical world, we enjoyed every food, if everyone liked us, if love was common, if we only had to do things we loved, then we wouldn’t appreciate the good around us. It’d be all we’d ever known. All we’d ever felt. It’d be taken for granted that there were no hardships. Frankly, life would be boring.      In my opinion,  instead of such monotonous boredom, a perfect world would have opportunity. In such a world, having all the desirable elements would be possible, but not taken as normal. Much like our own world, people could find love if they sought it, but only after struggling. Men would be able to do what they loved, but only through hard work. We could have friends, but with them would come a number of enemies and bullies. How is this perfect, you ask? Because the friends you make, the enjoyment you gain through them, and their support balances out your enemies, all would be in line, but not too good, or too awful. Good rewards would pay you for all the struggle and hard work. A perfect world would be one filled with opportunity to succeed, if one only fought.     Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying our world is perfect. This is not because of conflict, struggle, or unhappiness, however. It is due to lack of opportunity. In our world, too many people are born into an inescapable poverty. They cannot work because they do not have schooling, and they cannot get schooling because they cannot get money, for they cannot work. Thus both they and their children are left without opportunity to find a better life. Many other people are born this same vicious cycle, for other reasons, like looks, skin color, religion, preferences, illnesses, or hardships. No amount of struggle seems to free these people up to live a life of joy and love like they so desire. In a perfect world, all would have equal opportunity to succeed, (and equal opportunity to fail,) despite any differences.      Perhaps one day, the people of this earth will find a way to balance the world, so that, no matter how different we are, we’ll all have the same chance to survive, to lead, to succeed, to win. I hope that day comes soon.