The a fundamental importance for any organization through the


The human
element is one of the most important elements which the institutions depend on
in the  implementation of their
activities and programs and achieving their objectives, the management of
institutions is still looking on how to make this humanitarian element to give it’s
best for the benefit of the institution, leading to the achievement of the
institution’s objectives  towards growth
and development and increase productivity and profits or presenting social
service Efficiently, as the best exploitation of the elements of production or
the input depends mainly on the human element, or the employees of  the institution.


organizations are care to carry out their actions and various activities and efficiency
with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. The employee who is submit
to job evaluation is one of the most important variables affecting this
efficiency. The process of assessing the performance of employees is an
important and complex process and it is one of the most important
administrative processes that exceed the scope of personnel to include all the
work of the organization.

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There is no
doubt that incentives are the means which make the employees gives their best
efforts to achieve the goals of the institution. But incentives are not the
only element but an integrated and harmonious element with other administrative
elements. For example, it is not possible to assign low efficiency and rely on
incentives to increase their productivity.



Study problem
and questions:

performance is a fundamental importance for any organization through the
independence of its forces and human resources, and it is not a tool for
controlling and imposing power on workers. In order to assist the senior
management in making the appropriate decision ,as well as, providing the
necessary information for the management of human resources to enable them to
manage these resources efficiently and with capability . This is done through improving,
organizing and utilizing the available resources, so that the organization is
able to develop and deal well with all the changes that occur during the
completion of the work.


In this
behalf, the study assesses the effect of incentives on the level of performance
in the Iraqi transport company and its impact on the performance of workers. And
to know the negative and positive elements associated with systems to be
integrated with other administrative processes in making individuals give the
best they have to achieve the goals of the company.


 Based on the above, the study problem can be
formulated by the following these questions:

 1_What is the effect of motivation on the
performance level of the Directorate of Waqif Baghdad –
Al-Karkh (from the employee’s perspective)?

 2_How do financial motivation/monetary factors
affect the performance of employees at Directorate of Waqif Baghdad –

are the Instinctive motivation which offered to employees and what’s their
impact on performance improvement? 

4_ How does
the reward program affect on employee performance, and is there an effective
reward program in the Directorate of Waqif Baghdad – Al-Karkh?