Teaching no matter how much, even though you are

          Teaching is not an easy profession;
especially is you are not into this profession. When it comes to being a
teacher, lots of paper works are waiting for you to check it and to record it.
There is tons of books and references on your shelf, lesson plans that need to
be finish on time, test papers to construct, and making instructional materials
just for your students. But those things are not what teaching is. For me,
teaching is making a difference in the lives of each learner that comes through
your classroom. Teaching allows students to discover new things in their lives.
Teaching is helping and molding them to become what they desire to be. It is also
giving them your attention for the school day and a sign that you truly care
about them. Learners appreciate the time that you give them individually, no
matter how much, even though you are not family.

            I have four major goals for my classroom
each year. My first goal is for my students to learn life skills that can be
carried with them throughout their years in school and in the real world. One
way I have done this in previous classrooms is by using a lot of group work in
the activities. By splitting the students into groups, they gain valuable
social skills. They will be better able to work with other students, even those
that they do not agree with. This helps with problem-solving and reaching a
common decision or solution to a problem. My second major goal is for my
students to reach their full potential. This has been done in a previous class
by giving students time to work on subjects individually, which allows those
who are more advanced than their peers to work ahead, or even those who are
behind to work at their own pace. The third goal I have for my students is to
walk away from my class not only with having absorbed the content, but having
absorbed the methods of a healthy lifestyle. I have done this in another
classroom by incorporating some type of physical activity into lessons
throughout the day. This helps them connect learning to a physical activity and
also lets them release some pent-up energy which allows them to stay on task in
lessons that do not involve physical activity. Major goal number four in my
classroom is to get my students thinking critically in and out of the

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            Classroom strategies are really
important in elementary classes. My number one classroom management technique
is to teach my students in different learning styles. I will diversify the
activities that are being done in the classroom so that students of all learning
styles will be able to grasp the information being conveyed. Using group work
and stations in the classroom is my second classroom management technique. By
using stations, I can set up a ‘teacher station’ which allows me one-on-one
time with each small group throughout the rotation. The third classroom
technique that will be implemented in my classroom is having a safe
environment. I want my students to know that they can come to me with anything
and we will talk through them together. By creating a safe environment, student
conversations will be more open and they will be more open to participating in

            As a future teacher, my aim is to
provide students with high-quality instruction that meets the needs of each
individual student. I aim to create a learning environment that is both
inspiring and equitable where students feel safe and secure. I want to leave
behind a legacy to be proud of: that I was a sincere individual with a true
passion for her craft, someone who was eager to came in early or stay late just
to help a struggling student. Being a teacher means sacrificing everything – your
time, your money, and your heart. I have high hopes for not only myself, but my
profession as well.