Task earth be monitored? The earth should be monitored

Task 3
Part 3- Preventing Damage

should the earth be monitored?

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The earth should
be monitored so that you know when an earthquake or a seismic event is going to
occur so that you can prepare for it.

Earthquakes are not as easy to predict as volcanic explosions:

The main meaning of the monitoring is to learn when
new magma is rising in the volcano that can lead to an eruption.

Laser beams can be used to spot plate movement.

A seismometer is used to pick up the shakings in the Earth’s crust.

An increase in vibrations may pick up a possible
earthquake, temperatures around the volcanoes rise as activity increases.

Gas leaks from cracks in the Earth’s crust. Levels of
toxic gas can be monitored – an unexpected increase may advocate an earthquake.

Monitoring a volcano involves scientists to use of
a selection of techniques that can hear and see movement inside a volcano.


the impacts of Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Why do so many people
live in areas where earthquakes and Volcanoes take place? 
The following refer in some cases to both or either of the hazards:
Volcanoes produce
fertile soils when the lava weathers.
Many volcanoes have
been dormant for hundreds of years.
Jobs are provided in
the tourist industry – many like to visit volcanoes and geysers – it provides
work in tourist shops, hotels etc.
Volcanoes can produce minerals such as pumice,
sulphur and even precious stones.
Hot springs and baths
and heating such as in Iceland where large open baths are found and central
heating is provided.
In some areas the heat
can produce electricity
People live in
earthquake areas such as San Francisco because it is a desirable area and
people were unaware of the theory of plate tectonics until recently.
Some people have the
belief that neither of the hazards will affect them.