Studying in the Plant Tissue Culture lab, and I

Studying in a science high
school, I have been greatly exposed to various fields of natural science
and even had the opportunity to immerse in an actual science
laboratory. Ever since I was 14, I have been greatly interested in
chemistry, and biology. I am fascinated by the relationships explored in
biology, and how these can be better understood by looking through
atoms, their behaviors and reactions. Studying biology at the molecular
level (which involves DNA sequences and technology) was my favorite
part, mostly because I find it easier to understand since the topics are
related to chemistry. I also have a keen interest in environmental
science, as I have attended several talks and seminars about it –
somehow, through these gatherings, I got to catch a glimpse of the
different states of nature all over the continent, and the insights and
experiences I’ve gathered have motivated me to help find ways to be more
eco-friendly and lessen the growing damage in the environment caused by
various human activities.

After my internship in Singapore last June 2017, I was able to see the
applications of biotechnology, and even work with various equipment
concerning DNA Technology and Tissue Culture. After that experience, I
have been more inclined to biology, and what I learned became the major
inspiration for my current research project (which is a requirement in
our school) that aims to find safer, less carcinogenic alternative for
conventional staining agents in DNA Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. So far,
I am greatly considering pursuing a career in research in the future,
specifically in the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology.

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I expect to really learn so much and experience new
activities that would make me a more equipped student and scientist in
the making. I know that there would be lectures and I am looking forward
to listening to the speakers, their key topics, and various stories
about their different experiences in biology. Back in June 2017, I was
able to work in the Germ Cell Development Laboratory which involved
various DNA technologies, and in the Plant Tissue Culture lab, and I
greatly enjoyed both, though I prefer working in biotechnological
laboratories which are focused on developmental biology, genomics, and
molecular pathogenesis, if possible.

I believe that having an internship at the School of Molecular and
Theoretical Biology would greatly increase my knowledge and experience
in the field of biology. Attending the program would also allow me to
interact with various experts in biology, and related natural sciences
and I know that I can learn so much from them. SMTB would also enable me
to know people from various parts of the world who would also attend
the internship, and have an exchange of ideas with them which I know
would widen my perspective and give me an understanding of different
things that take place in other places, thus making me a more mature
individual. I don’t know everything about molecular biology in general,
but I know that with perseverance and determination, I will be able to
learn so much, enjoy what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was 12,
which was to work in laboratories and at the same time, contribute to
the scientific community that SMTB is a part of.