Strong principals account for about 25 percent of a

leadership, which is inspiring and motivating, occurs when a school principal
knows how to commit himself in attaining goals of the organization. He brings
out the best to his teachers. He wants the best for the pupils. So what happens
to school when it loses a great leader? What if the school head was reassigned
or transferred to other school? What are the effects of principal reassignment?

(2015) mentioned that principal turnover affects student achievement. According
to the report, principals account for about 25 percent of a school’s total
influence on student academic performance. Unfortunately, the report also
suggests that low-income students are likely to experience the effects of
principal churn at greater rates than others. The report shows that high
achieving principals tend to migrate to schools with higher income levels,
higher achieving students, and fewer minorities.

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(2011) also stated that principal turnover has the potential to impact
seriously school morale and values as teachers attempt to adjust to new
administrators and their possible shifts in focus. In an era of mandated school
improvement, teachers in schools with new administrators have to deal not only
with changes in district, state and/or provincial policies, but also with
adapting to the new principal.

addition, if the former school principal was able to gain the trust of the
stakeholders, the newly designated school head needs some time to rebuild
positive momentum. In reality, there are teachers and even parents who have
been too much loyal to the former one. It becomes a challenge to the incoming
school head to have a harmonious relationship with the stakeholders both
internal and external.

is also believed that change is gradual (or should be gradual). There is no
such thing as magic when it comes to changing the culture and increasing the
achievement of a particular school. Everything takes time. In the same manner,
stable leadership matters. Keeping school leaders in a place for multiple years
and improving their performance can have a positive effect on teachers and
pupils. Frequent reassignment of school heads may lead to discontinuity of some
priorities set by the former school head. Teachers may also experience stress
in dealing with different leaders. Of course, they have to adjust to the
management styles of the new one.

the success of the school does not only depend on the school principal. It is a
collaborative effort. Two heads (or more) are absolutely better than one.
Teachers need not to be timid on what they can offer. Whether the school head
is going to be replaced, they have to supportive enough and think of the
welfare of the children. Negativity in every aspect won’t help at all. Since
the only constant thing on Earth is change, everyone should expect the
unexpected yet remain optimistic on what the world has to offer.