STEM student. Students cannot accurately predict their career path.

STEM vs. Humanities    Apple founder, Steve Jobs, once said, “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—that it’s technology married with liberal arts married with humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing.” STEM integrated with humanities is allows us to “make our hearts sing.” It’s time to even the playing field between STEM and the humanities.Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin, once suggested that French literature majors should no longer receive state funding for college education. Other officials strongly supported this idea, neglecting the humanities in favor of pushing the funds towards more “job-friendly subjects”. America’s labor obsession holds a gun to the head of its students, threatening their future– threatening the nation’s future. STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, has been appraised lately as STEM graduates received the highest average salaries in 2016. However, STEM’s ability to build the economy blinds people from seeing the humanities as a possible pathway to pursue. The approach to education should not direct focus on one specific subject. The approach to education should be a balanced system that supports the education of each student’s career. The humanities should be seen and funded equally to STEM education as both are essential for the success and endeavors of each student. Students cannot accurately predict their career path. Because of this, schools must teach them everything–everything they need to know to achieve success. Failure to fund the humanities may jeopardize a student’s career. According to New York Times author Patricia Cohen, “Research by the association Association of American Colleges and Universities shows that employers are not as focused on individual majors as they are on the kind of broad-based, analytic, communications, and problem-solving skills that a humanities education specializes in.” It is important that an individual has these skills and is well-educated as employers seek out those who can properly execute them. Because students often predict their futures with little accuracy, teaching them these skills now is the safest option. Students learn these skills in humanities classes. It is criminal to even think of taking such a tremendous chance. Why is the government jeopardizing the futures of many of the nation’s students? To ensure that each student leads a successful life, it is necessary to provide them with education in both STEM and the humanities. The lack of funding put into humanities can also deprive an individual of thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. These skills are vital. They allow an individual to enjoy a successful career. Taking away these essential skills is dangerous and risks the futures of many students. Although there has been a constant argument that the humanities does not provide training in a job skill, this is wrong. Published journalist Fareed Zakaria believes STEM “has its strengths, but is not conducive to thinking, problem-solving or creativity. That’s why most Asian countries, from Singapore to South Korea to India, are trying to add features of a liberal education to their system.” Many Asian countries have deprived the individual of these skills and are looking to incorporate them, aware that they have a powerful effect on the students. It is important that, unlike these countries, the American government does not continue to siphon more funds from the humanities. These funds impact each student’s future.  Despite the importance in understanding the basics of science and math, knowing how to think and write is just as important. Jack Ma, founder of the tech giant Alibaba, has acknowledged that Chinese are not as creative and innovative as Westerners because of their educational system which teaches the basics very well, but shifts their focus only on this and fails to branch out into other categories. Society must learn the basics such as math and science, but depriving it of the humanities is  unacceptable. Why must students be deprived of their creativity? Why must students be deprived of their future? The strongest argument as to why the humanities needs to be equally funded to STEM is that both STEM and the humanities integrated together are proven to be more successful than isolating a specific subject. Essentially, two is better than one. A study by the Americans for the Arts Organization, which makes advancements in arts by donating funds, shows that “Children involved in the arts are four times more likely to participate in a math and science fair. These same students are three times more likely to be elected to class office in their school.” Students need STEM. Students need the humanities. Students need to be successful. The skills given from both provide a balanced life. Without the humanities, an individual would not have the certain skills needed to flourish. Without the humanities, an individual is risking their career. It is unthinkable why anyone would think to take away this treasure already implemented in our education system. According to David Drew, professor at Claremont Graduate University, “We have de-emphasized STEM in the past to the point that people who could have become scientist or engineers, people who enjoyed those fields, didn’t get the educational experience they needed, so they lost out––and society lost out.” The government builds the foundation for a STEM-based education, but simultaneously tears down the humanities to do so. This is wrong. The two together are better because they make for a more informed and involved individual.The government must allocate its funds between STEM and the humanities, evenly, as a duet between the two raise a student’s chances of triumph in their career endeavors. Because it is not possible to see what the future has in store, providing each student with all information is important. It is vital that students are no longer deprived of the humanities; deprivation of the humanities is deprivation of essential problem-solving skills. Rather than tear the two apart, stirring the two together concocts a potent potion, proven to equate to more success. It is urgent that the government take proper precautions and open their eyes towards the humanities as something crucial to each individual.