Society etc. Thus, not catering to the needs of

Society considers grades as a measure of student success. Good grades = Success,                    Bad Grades = Failure.
Inducing competition among students.
Thereby getting good grades becomes the main goal of the students rather than focussing on the process of learning.
Leads to student pressure.
Students are offered one dimensional learning.
Students have different abilities to learn. Some may be slow, some fast learners etc. Some may learn better trough videos, some through audios etc. 
Thus, not catering to the needs of the students at an individual basis.
Restricted scope of learning in such an environment.
This type of education system fails in bringing out the differential qualities/characteristics that students possess.
Instead of inducing competition among students, collaboration needs to be encouraged which leads to greater overall learning (relative reflection of thoughts).
Quantitative aspects relating to learning are being judged. 
Qualitative aspects such as skill development and the holistic growth of students needs to be looked into.
Schools and colleges have a set of rules and regulations. 
Students are forced to abide to it.
If the students deviate from a set path set by schools/colleges, they need to pay a price/penalty for it.
The penalty imposed on them alters their academic performance, which actually is not a true indicator of their learning from a particular course.
The performance of the students will largely vary with the actual learning attained from the course.
E.g. Students submit their assignments in the form of soft copies instead of hard copies. They are penalised for such a reason too which does not indicate a true nature of their performance. 
Thus, using grades as a measurement of their learning is not the right way to go about it.
Solution: Discussions can be organised on a particular topic headed by a teacher. Students can express their views openly. A healthy argument can take place. This will ensure a better understanding of the topic by listening to so many varying views.
This method will also ensure that overall development takes place among students.
Leads to improvements in soft skills of a student.