So Frodo as I was only a turn away

So a quick background. This story was told to me by a mysterious woman I met at serpent mound in Ohio during a celebration. It’s called the Ice Cold Walls of the Lonely.  In addition to today’s story I would like to give a special shout out to  Bleu~Chan  for being the first commenter on the poll. Make sure to follow  Bleu~Chan  on amino and like their posts. Without further adieu here’s the story.The wind blew furiously in the spring night that was a saturday. The rain vigorously shook the window pains of the desolate hall way I reside in. It was so dark. The only light came from the moon who got shrouded by the clouds and the lightning from the raging storm outside. I was in a lace nightgown and matching white velvet slippers. I heard a rapping at my garden atrium doors. I assumed it was my dog Frodo scratching at the door to let me know he wants out. He tucks himself in there when it storms because he hides under the table that holds my watermelon plants. I started calling out and clapping ” Frodo, Frodo come out boy”. Nothing. “Frodo Frodo come here boy I have treats”. Still nothing and the noise from the atrium got louder and louder as I drew closer. I clenched my nightgown tightly as the storm got worse and worse. “Crash!!” I heard from around the corner. I rushed around the corner to see nothing had shattered. There was no glass on the ground and nothing broken. My mind was playing tricks on me so I trekked on. Closer and Closer I got to the atrium but I need an alternate source of light. The lightning had ceased yet, it was raining even harder on tsunami and torrential rain levels. I open my study door as it was close to the atrium. I froze as the oak door creaked open slowly revealing a shadow cast against the wall. A cold, frigid breeze was let out from the room blasting mein the face. The shadow did startle me but as I drew closer out of curiosity I realized it was only the coat stand in the corner. I grabbed a nightstick off a corner table and lit it with the matches beside it. I was finally able to see. I continuously called for Frodo as I was only a turn away from the atrium.I arrived at the atrium and opened the doors. To my surprise there was nothing on the other side. I didn’t see Frodo at all. I didn’t find the source of the sound and I didn’t find anyone. There was only me in the house. I was all alone. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning and realized it was still dark. I heard the same rapping at my atrium doors and I hadn’t seen Frodo in a day. I got up slipped in my velvet slippers and walked down the cold lonely halls of my home. My purgatory, my prison.