Smoking, 1955 to about 2 million in 1995.Saudi Arabia,

Smoking, a slow killer or a secret killer is one of the biggest threats to human beings as it is considered the leading cause of death in the world. It is expected that the number of deaths and the spread of diseases due to smoking will increase significantly in the coming years, especially in developing countries, which has become a strategic target for tobacco companies after it became a narrow area in the industrialized countries because of the knowledge of people there to the disadvantages of smoking and high taxes on tobacco products and because of legal problems that Followed by the prosecution of those companies. Because of the concentration of these companies in developing countries, the consumption of cigarettes per capita has increased sixfold, and the number of deaths due to smoking increased from 500,000 in 1955 to about 2 million in 1995.Saudi Arabia, which has a high smoking rate of 40 percent among men and 10 percent among women and 25 percent among young people under the age of 18, according to official statistics, is the fourth largest importer of cigarettes in the world, despite the small population, Sales volume to 15 billion cigarettes a year worth 600 million riyals !! The combined Gulf market consumes 28 billion cigarettes a year !!Slow killer smoking has killed more than 60 million people in developed countries alone since the mid-20th century, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report issued in late May 2003. The report also mentioned that smoking killed four million people in 2002 and that this figure is expected to increase in 2020, where the number of deaths may reach 10 million people each year, who according to the same report, the number of smokers in the world is estimated at one billion and one hundred million people, 800 million of them in the third world countries. Smoking is responsible for 90% of lung cancer deaths worldwide and 30% of all cancers, including lung, mouth, oesophagal, stomach, and colon cancers. In addition, cancer causes other health problems such as stroke, which has a three-fold rate of non-smokers. Smoking also accounts for 25% of deaths from coronary heart disease and heart attacks will be 7 million of them in the third world countriesSmoking or chewing tobacco is one of the most dangerous types of addiction, as it often causes a number of diseases and causes cancer and death. Most smokers fell into this trap when they were young. In that period it is easy to influence them by propaganda or by their peers. Once they fall into the trap of experimentation or imitating others, they become addicted to that deadly habit. More than 5 million of our children are now expected to die at a shorter age because of their decision to experiment with teenage smoking