Singapore, on the issue of the enviroment, what it

Singapore, our small, dense, island nation. 100 % percent of our country population is urbanised. Urbanization, where it refers to the people’s  shift from rural to urban areas, we tend to believe that there will be adverse effects that come with it. Example, pollution, where we see countries like China being affected. However, Singapore is one of the greenest city in Asia, according to the Green City Index.  Singapore has shown self-sufficiency in managing a cleaner and more sustainable environment. However, how long can the government carry out its plans for Singapore? As 2018 arrives, Singapore will try to find newer ways of conversation, meaning it can bring challenges when it comes to addressing the limit in environmental damage. The primary challenge would be Singaporeans ownership to make country clean. As we see our country as an urban city,  being a fast-paced and high productivity country. We are starting to move away from the interpersonal bonds with the interaction with the environment and nature. As such because urbanisation, we began to be involved in our life goals, that we move away to what is happening to the environment. Thus, because of Singaporeans ignorance on the issue of the enviroment, what it has created is wasteful behaviour such usage of plastic bags, the wastage of food and water consumption etc. Though we see the government countless effort to make Singapore better, what it creates is the lack of self-motivation for people to be involved and concerned as it becomes too dependent on the government. The urban lifestyle has created an attitude of preserving the economy that the heritage. It comes to a point where youths are not interested in environmental issues. This can show that the challenge could very well be that government policies are not deemed to explain any actions for the people to take charge of the environment.Another challenge would be businesses advertising in encouraging consumption habits. Singapore is living in a culture now blasted with advertisements and slogans. With the rise of social media, advertising efforts will soon rise as well.  This will would increase people into buying goods and services.  The challenge would be encouraging companies to not focus on short-term profits that risk the society and environment. This is because it can create a rise in consumption. Which ultimately harm the environment in areas such as global warming, soil sealing, air and water pollution. Thus, it would affect Singapore road to a cleaner Singapore.Singapore signing the COP21 climate deal to cut down emission could encourage businesses in Singapore to be able to follow the standards towards cleaner and a sustainable environment. However, there needs to a constant advocated mission to challenge Singaporeans to work towards the goal. As mention, the government can put in as much money and resources in helping the environment, but if they don’t look into human capital which it is the forms of us Singaporeans, it will create a tough challenge for a better sustainable  Singapore.