Siddhartha planning his escape and when he did he

Gautama was born in 563 B.C. as the Prince of the Sakya Clan in the Gorakpur
area of India. Indifferent times,
regions, or just countries in general spell Gautama like G.o.t.a.m.a.
Siddhartha was married to the Princess Yasodhara who made him a son Rahula. However,
Siddhartha was kept in a castle and not allowed to see the outside world
because they didn’t want him to know that there are sick people because he was
very caring, and that he would do everything in his power to save or keep them
alive. One day Siddhartha was riding through the gardens of his royal palace on
his chariot, well then spotted a man specifically homeless walking down the
street shoulders bent, really old fella. At that point Siddhartha knew he wanted
to help people and didn’t want to be royalty because he took everything for
granted. That’s when the major change happened and a new life was ahead of him.
Siddhartha started planning his escape and when he did he made his departure at
night. When he made his departure he felt better living on the street and
getting more freedom from the castle and feeling like he’s not held hostage.
This is when he started his eightfold path. Then Siddhartha became the
enlightened one and that made him the Buddha. When he started his identity as
the Buddha he had came up with ideas that he wanted his followers to spread around
India. When he did that he became more well known. Some of Buddha’s ideas that
he wanted to be spread was karma, enlightenment , the eightfold path, the four
noble truths, the middle way, dharma and maybe even more. The Four Noble Truths
were 1: All of life involves suffering; 2: Suffering is caused by selfish
desires; 3: The way to end suffering is to overcome selfish desires; and 4: The
way to overcome selfish desires is to follow the Eightfold Path. Buddha was
quickly turned into a religion called Buddhism and followed after Hinduism
sharing a lot of the same beliefs. Some of the same ideas that they shared were
they both believed in things like reincarnation, meditation, karma, rebirth
ends. All kinds of things you probably wouldn’t think about in your daily life.
Buddha managed to live his life and created two schools for his beliefs
spreading to build places to teach kids to become Buddhist monks in the
category of Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. Buddha then lived his
life to become more of an influence to the Buddhist monks and he continued to spread
his teachings. Buddha then died in 483 B.C. and still had so many followers
that were still influenced and carried on his legacy. I chose Siddhartha
Gautama because he was the Buddha which is important because he carried on a
new religion and that which religion is Buddhism. Then made two different
Buddhism categories now so that people can be classified how they wish to be