She secure surface for my arm. I was helped

She needs some milk!





Unless you are my classmate or a
teacher, who partially pays

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attention to stories during classes, then you might be
asking “How did

it happen?” Well honestly, I think it’s mostly because, I am
terrible at

diving to the floor for a volleyball. I did it horribly
wrong, and probably

looked like a walrus flopping onto the, rock hard gym floor.



As soon as my arm was crushed into
the solid gym floor, a

terrible pain rushed through my whole body. I blacked out
with shock,

and pain. I was unconscious for a fat minute. All I remember

wanting to throw up, but I couldn’t move without shocks
going through

my arm, and I wanted to be respectful to our “oh so nice”
gym floor.




When I came back to conscious life,
I was greeted by our

school nurse. She was looking at me like I was over reacting

something. Her first words were, “Did you jam your finger?”
I had

never been so mad in my life. I looked down at my distorted
arm with

anger, then I returned my glare to her and said ” My arm
looks like it

should be the letter right before the T, in the alphabet,
and you’re

asking me if I jammed my finger?” She heard the anger in my

so she readjusted her intelligence level before saying
anything else.



After laying on the gym floor for
longer than I should have, I

was told to put my handicapped arm on to a clipboard. My arm

throbbing so hard, that I could feel it pounding in my head.

I gently

laid my arm on the clipboard. Then a teacher set an ice bag
over it

and wrapped clear wrap around my arm and the clipboard.


she made a secure surface for my arm. I was helped up by Mr.


As soon as I stood, my head started pounding even more

than before. I balanced myself out, and then with a lot of
help from Mr.

T, I started to walk out of the Gym.



As I was walking out of the gym,
both teams were clapping and

cheering that I was okay. Of course I was okay, I am the
G.O.A.T. Before

leaving I looked at my team and said “you better win this
now”. Cringy

right? I was trying to be heroic, like people in movies. I
just ended up

sounding stupid and cheesy, because we still lost. It’s okay
though, I just

got to add something to my memory list!


The first break wasn’t even the
worst of it. While it was in the

cast it broke yet again. This time it was a break clear
through both

bones. It wouldn’t heal by itself because I didn’t have
enough calcium

in my bones. Doctors told me that I needed to drink more
milk because

I had a calcium deficiency, and my bone would not heal on
its own.

Therefore I had to get a surgery to put two rods through
both arm lower

arm bones. I was a real trooper. I got out of bed and went
to school everyday

for three months with a cast on. I was so independent that
even though

I had a broken arm, it did not stop me from doing a lot of
the normal

everyday activities that I was use to. I am right handed and
I broke my left

arm so at least that was a plus to the situation.