Set When I start working in this department I

Set of working responsibilities

restaurant was looking for a responsible person to join the service team. This
team is responsible for the customer’s satisfaction, each member of this team
need to have a dynamic attitude, great personality, be charismatic and a good
salesperson in order to make the customers buy as much as they can from the
menu “Customer satisfaction is important because it provides marketers and
business owners with a metric that they can use to manage and improve their
businesses” (Beard, 2018). This restaurant offers to the intern’s accommodation
that is an apartment near to the restaurant with three rooms, kitchen, bathroom
with towels, and furniture include. They also offer the meal during working
hours and laundry service. When I start working in this department I analyzed
what would be a possible barrier I could have and after a week I determined
that the biggest barrier I face was the language. Since that moment I decide to
study as much French as I can to improve all I learned at school. Working in
this section was a little bit difficult because they do not have a training
period that mean I had to study at home, pay attention in working hours to
guide myself. Before the interview the manager called me to go to the
restaurant to observe how they work, all I saw that they was wonderful, the
workers looked happy with their job, everyone was polite, everything looked
perfect. They didn’t showed me the reality of the restaurant. Maybe that was
the reason why I felt so sad when they all started to be themselves. That
taught me that everything that happens to my surroundings may not be true. I
learned that the more they press you, the more they scream at you, the more
they stress you, the more you learn. But overall I need to be professional and
continue my job. “To be successful you need to show a quality work product that
you take pride in” (College and College, 2018).

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my case I was part of a subdivision of the service team call buffet. There, I
was responsible for the dessert preparation, the pass area, the dishes
delivery, set up of the tables, cleaning and polishing of cups, wine and beer
glasses, and cleaning the tables. The best aspect of this position is having
contact with the customers. This was very useful to improve my French and also
learned some expressions from other nationalities like Brazil, Portugal and
Italy. Here I also improved my memory, I learned how to be patient, tolerant
and to be careful when I express my feeling because sometimes people do not
understand what you are trying to say and they can take your words in a bad
way. Another thing was controlling my body language and facial expressions and
the most important was listening the customers and trying to find the best
solution, keep calm and analyze carefully the situation to solve the problem. I
also learned to meditate, to understand clearly the attitudes of other workers
inside of the restaurant, before I report that actions to my supervisor. It was
very helpful to create a checklist to make sure everything was done at the end
of the service.

near the job had advantages and disadvantages:


You don’t need to take bus, train, taxi or any kind of
transportation to be on time.

You can be on time everyday

You can sleep more

You have not risk of being assaulted


If someone from your team in this case service is absent
during your day of they will ask you to go and work for him.

Each time the restaurant close very late you have to stay
just because you are the only one who lives near work.

negative aspect of this position was the constant complaints from customers
that consider the restaurant should not hire a person with a basic level of
French. The slow service from kitchen also affect the customers behaviors, when
the restaurant accept big reservations some waiters go to a panic situation,
then they stress people in kitchen and the disaster start with discussions
between the workers that affect the calm environment the restaurant should
have. And the last one is the communication between workers, supervisor and
owner of the restaurant that affect me because I do not know which person is
doing the things properly and when I try to express how I feel about it most of
the people start saying that I am not and easy person. Long hours of work can
become stressful for many workers, “It is impossible to have a workplace where
everyone’s roles, expectations and personalities work perfectly together
without conflict” (Therapy, I. and Issues, W. 2017).