Scope in monitoring agriculture. 4 – Environment – Monitoring

Scope and Applications

The basic on which Neuromorphic chip is built is to replicate and morph human
brain neural network. Neurons in brain are connected with synapse and each
neuron has a layer of myelin which help in transferring of information at fast
rate. The ultimate aim of neuromorphic chip is to build artificial neural
system which has fundamental characteristics of human brain.

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The idea of mimicking the basic properties of nervous system is that if we can
comprehensively replicate a brain neural network on silica the learning
behaviour will emerge subsequently.

Below image explains how this technology can morph human retina for sophisticated
visual advancements in detecting multiple objects in visual field.

Current Scenario

Neuromorphic systems which are in operation currently:

1 – IBM’s

2 – The
SpiNNaker Project

3 – The BrainScaleS


Interaction with intelligent machines will change fundamentally with
neuromorphic computing.

Some of the applications include smartphone sensors, robots, smart cars or
olfactory detection. In essence this technology could be final step in building
smart machines which can learn, reason, remember. Even this could help humans
take better decisions.

1 – Health issues – Brain like
computes could be used in therapeutic procedures, help create artificial
retina, impact medical imaging.

2 – Surveillance – Enhancement of
surveillance could be the next big thing that could be enhanced like never
before with the help of intelligent cameras equipped with video analysis

3 – Economy – NMC could help
analyses huge data of financial market to help financial forecasting. NMC can
be used in monitoring agriculture.

4 – Environment – Monitoring weather
in an efficient way. Could also improve data mining and pattern dramatically
with the help of pattern recognition system to monitor biosphere processes.

5 – Military and security – NMC
has immense application in drone equipped with human brain like chip which can
learn and recognize sites and objects previously visited even if there is
alteration in the site. NMC robots can be sent to combat zones where they can
decide and act and take course of action independently.