School disability rights commission. They feel insecure and self-conscious

School authorities should raise awareness and have lectures
against discrimination against disabled people as a
quarter of young disabled people report feeling discriminated against in school
according to a new report from the disability rights commission. They
feel insecure and self-conscious that they are being treated differently and
these emotions and thoughts are bad for the child’s upbringing as it can affect
their personality and their way of thinking (mindset). We
need to make a bigger change within the younger community so that they have an
open mindset towards different types of people, in order to do that we must
allow disabled children to work with kids and be treated equally as other kids.

Here are a few
strategies and ways to help disabled people and stop discrimination against

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Ø Lectures
in the school

Ø Awareness
about bullying

Ø Treating
disabled people equally

Ø Equal
participation and opportunities

Ø Making
new laws and rules

Ø Have
more opportunities for the unfortunate


most appropriate solution

Parents and teachers
play an important role in educating the kids to realise and face the issue of disability
discrimination to help the disabled feel supported instead of isolated. Schools
should invite
parents to inform them about social issues. The most appropriate solution is to
often conduct workshops and seminars and raise awareness about discrimination among
the people in general. There should also be special sessions for the disabled
to make them understand their fundamental rights and what steps they can take
towards any ill-treatment, violence and abuse against them and if they have
been denied benefit.


Stage Three- Do


Questionnaire and surveys were filled out by students
on account of this study research and
along with that, for a more insightful research, interviews were taken from the school’s Vice-Principal where she had shared her thoughts and suggestions to be shared
with the people around. The interview helped the students
learn more about this problem and get to know in depth the cause, effect and
solution regarding it.

Data draft had been prepared on the above analysis.



A seminar was also conducted within the school in
which our psychologist highlighted the impact of discrimination on physically
challenged child’s mental and social growth. She also emphasised on the
fundamental rights of them.

A formal survey had been taken in a public place
where every age group was targeted in order to know their perspective and .
Information was also passed to the people about our findings of earlier surveys
and interviews which added to their knowledge.

and recommendation of results:

the result of the research conducted, we find out that most student are very
well advised about the problem regarding discrimination of the disabled. Many people
including students provided very logical and convenient solutions which show
their understanding about this study. They support the notion of extermination
of the discrimination and are in favour of accepting the physically challenged
as a natural part of society, which is how it should be.

 Suggestions and

By sharing information and
raising awareness, emphasis was laid on how we can prevent this type of
discrimination and focus on making the disabled people feel like they are a
part of society rather than being tagged as outcasts.

Stage Four- Share

Spreading the message
of equality within the school

order to raise the awareness to stop discriminating the disabled people, many
activities have been conducted and following message has been delivered:

Ø Treat everyone equally irrespective of their age,
race, religion and abilities.

Ø Do not separate the handicapped people from normal
everyday society.

Ø Give equal opportunities to differently able people.

Ø Offer help and support to them not in terms of
sympathy but in terms of equal treatment.

Ø Raise your voice against discrimination of disable

above activity was followed by Year VI who prepared posters on stopping
discriminating disabled people. Some has made posters on causes and
consequences of discrimination while others have made on the measures to be
taken to eradicate discrimination from the society. The
posters were made by the students to state their firm stands on discrimination
against the physically challenged.  Pamphlets have been distributed to the
students and sent to parents and guardians.

Spreading the awareness outside the school
to eradicate disability discrimination

The Mall and talked to different people of different age group and shared the awareness
by explaining them the impacts of discrimination on disable people. Also
recorded their opinions to be implemented in order to stop discrimination against
disabled people. Pamphlets were also distributed to the people at the Mall.

Share video on social media:

had been prepared showing the journey of research work and some recommended
suggestions from the psychologist and uploaded on school Facebook website and
whatsapp groups. It was also uploaded on YouTube to spread the message of equality
among the people. Throughout our research we spread the message of how to make
the disabled feel more part of this society and also how to treat them equally.