Santa sias declared but no actton was taken. However

Santa anna  was born in the sata of  Vera Cruz in 1794. Santa Anna lived in Xalapa that’s where he grower up. In 1833 S.A was elected  for president of mexico. Unfortunately what began as a prime to unite the nations  deteriorated into chaos. Frome 1833 to 1855 Mexico had on fewer than 36 changes in presidency leaving the real work for his vice president. Santa anna was elected 11 times Santa anna seizes the opportunity to reassert his authority and lead a military against his own government.                                                                         On September ,29 1835 a detachment  of the mexican army arrived in Gonzales, Texas a mexican state to conven cannons. They hid them very well but 18 army man stood in plane site. They taunted come and get it the 2 sias declared but no actton was taken. However a little band turn into 167 in two days early in the morning texas attacked think the mexicans would attack that day.                                                                                                                                                                    With that attack the Texas revolution started it was a revolution that Texas would win. There was lots of blood and hate but the texas men were running out and with that there were no more men so texas surrender. There were know of two to 3 body found and ident find as there names i forgot but there was son for one that is now died.                                                                    Santa anna died in battle. He faced a lot of obstacles and all leed to the war.