Samsung except for the metal back that is replaced

  Samsung and iphone devices have been
competing for quite a long period of time with each company trying to showcase
their new inventions. With the new Samsung galaxy s8, iphone 8 and 8 plus in
the market, there is a tag of war that arises in regards to which device is the
best for communication, applications, photography as well as storage.

 There is a big difference in regards to the
Samsung galaxy s8 and the famous iphone 8. The two differ in terms of design,
features, specifics and money value. It is not solely based on the operating
systems rather Galaxy S8 focuses more on the appearance whereas iphone 8 is all
about the inside. Galaxy has an edge to edge display and a back up with good
cameras while the iphone 8 has bigger and faster camera sensors.

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is not much to be said if we are not in possession of the phones. Galaxy 8 is
good in terms of appearance with its distinctive nature that makes it stand out
among other phones whereas iphone 8 is almost the same as iphone 7 except for
the metal back that is replaced by a glass one. Although both galaxy 8 and
iphone 8 have a glass back that make them capable for wireless charging, iphone
x and 8 are the first IOS devices to support wireless charging only when
connected to the corresponding QI.



galaxy s8 has a speaker, a usb type c portal and a head phone jack sit with a
finger print scanner positioned next to its camera module. Iphone on the other
hand lacks a head phone jack thus a hindrance to sound in case one would like
to listen to something privately. Galaxy has a single 12 megapixel rear facing
camera and 8 megapixel front facing camera with a 1.7 aperture for accurate and
natural looking photos without any enhancements in place. The iphone 8 plus has
a dual 12 mp camera with a 2.8 aperture and a portrait lighting mode that uses
camera to adjust the lighting hence uses the camera lighting on a person’s face.
However, the two match in that they are both resistant to water. They are both
manufactured in multiple flavors in terms of colors as well as sizes. Galaxy 8 has
a 5.8 inches QHD display and comes in five different colors whereas the iphone
8 is a 4.2 inch display to around 5.5 inches and comes in three different

they are regarded as the fastest devices in 2017, galaxy 8 has a snapdragon of
835 processor exynos n 8895 in Europe with a 4 gb ram and a 64 gb memory. Apple
device on the other hand uses an 11chip that is made by the 10nm manufacturing
process as the 853 and 8895. Basically the smaller the manufacturing process
the more efficient the chip set is. Galaxy also possess a 5.7 inch amles display
that is almost like the iphone x quad hd resolution screen that supports
content in YouTube, Prime video, and Netflix. Iphone sticks on the IPS LCD with
the resolution same as the phones manufactured previously that is the 8 plus
has a 1080 panel with a resolution slightly above 720p.