Same to adopt. This issue is important because it

      Same parent adoption has many loops you would need to jump, hop, and skip through. So many people see it as wrong and inhumane. Yet many do not know that same-sex couples receive so much hate and verbal assault due to the fact there is two people of the same sex who are happily in love and are looking to adopt or in female cases, to conceive a child of their own. There is nothing wrong with same sex adoption, in fact it should open the eyes to few people of not many people, due to the fact that we live in a world where being heterosexual is allowed, yes it may be shunned upon but, it is totally acceptable for women to date women or men to date men, even if the two genders (men and women) to date woman and men. Although the issue does not apply to all, it still applies greatly to those same sex couples looking to adopt. This issue is important because it is very difficult for same sex couple to adopt a child, all due to the fact that they are the same sex. It takes place all over the world but is mostly generalized here in the U.S Overall Second parent adoption should be allowed, there is nothing wrong with two people who love each other adopting a child.       Second parent adoption can be very beneficial in ways that many may not realize. The child adopted into the new family will, in the long run and right off the bat receive endless love and affection. “The benefits from new parents both in health and financial support. Since there are many children that are off for adoption, gay parents are able to pour all their love for their child through tangible and non tanagible things.” (Lombardo, Same sex adoption opens so many opportunities. Their child that is in term adopted into the family will have experience and knowledge that kids who grow up with two parents of the opposite sex will not have. They will acquire skills and techniques that other will not have. Also the kids will be more advanced financially. With both parents being financially stable, the child will externally have access to everything they will need in order to grow up right. The advantage of kids having two of the same sec parents comes greatly in areas like social communication skills and public skills that they will then need to grow up into respectful and well mannered citizens.       Homosexual relationships are inconsistent with the proper way children should be raised. A man can have hundreds of partners in his lifetime, making it hard for him to stick with the commitment, causing the atmosphere to be unhealthy for rightfully raising a child. Also this leads to come cases of molestation. Studied show,”a disproportionate percentage–29 percent–of the adult children of homosexual parents had been specifically subjected to sexual molestation by that homosexual parent, compared to only 0.6 percent of adult children of heterosexual parents having reported sexual relations with their parents.. Having a homosexual parent(s) appears to increase the risk of incest with a parent by a factor of about 50.” (Daily, “Homosexual Parenting: Placing Children at Risk”)With detrimental effects to the child, homosexuals and raising kids do not seem to clash well. It is more evident that although, these incidents are not always reported they still do occur and in that sense that goes to prove that same sex adoption seems to fit better when raising a child. The data is not saying that all homosexual couples do this when raising a child, it is just there to show that although, two can do so, of the same sex, then two people of the opposite sex can also do so. There is no law anymore that says that two people of the same sex can not raise a child but in fact would do a seemingly better job at raising the child than homosexual couples.       Children brought up by two women may benefit ideally from having-as you know-two mothers. They often show better relationships with their parents, towards and with other people. Also there are higher levels of involvement being displayed. “Due to the ‘double dose’ of ‘feminine’ parenting. Just as heterosexual mothers usually have greater caregiving responsibilities and display greater parenting skill than heterosexual fathers, lesbians mothers appear to bring these gendered tendency to their parenting  relationships,” (Dempsey, 2014)A mother’s role is very important when it comes to caring for and nurturing a child. With the benefits of two mothers, the child will automatically receive endless attention and affection. There will always be a greater amount of attention shown for the mother’s side than the father’s side, in homosexual relationships. The mother is more empowering and the father is more embracing. The mother wants to see too making the right choices, doing the right things, and saying the right words, and your mother will do so while growing up. The father being embraceful is there to give you that extra push when you need it, the father is there to encourage you and to make sure that the child grows up with humbleness and a sense of morality. This will come into play in heterosexual marriages because, in some same sex relationships, partners ideally choose to take on the roles of “father” and “mother,” but in some cases that is not always evident and the couple prefer to be both known as mom or dad.       Furthermore, Same sex adoption or Second parent adoption addresses the lack of guidance in the traditional adoption law. Through and through a child is being adopted regardless which is the most important benefit of second parent adoption. It doesn’t matter the kid, all that matters is the fact that there is a child in need of a home and any couple can adopt that child. Whether the couple is straight, gay, or lesbian, whatever the case may be, the child is adopted in the long run. “Adoption allows a non-legal parent to become a legal parent, entitled to make decisions for the child without special authorization.” ( With allowing the non legal parent to become a legal parent it therefore brings on a new responsibility to both parents. The two, are now responsible for taking care of a human life, and although it seems crazy, it in term is actually very beneficial, due to the fact that it puts two people of the same gender in charge and with full ownership to another human beings life, what’s greater than that?       Some may say that Same sex adoption is foul or vile or something along those lines. They have no good reason except for the fact that it happens to be two people of the same gender raising a child and they seem to believe that the child is in need of two parents. Specifically, male and female, because having a father and mother figure is common and known as what would be seen as “morally ” right. “Gay parenting runs fundamentally counter to many people’s religious views. Legalising it would offend cherished beliefs and further undermine the key role religion plays as a moral bedrock in society. Christian, Jewish, and Islamic leaders have all spoken out against gay marriage.” ( Religion comes into play with all of this. In many religions it is wrong and seen as a sin to be in relations with someone of the same gender. Also children with parents of the same gender may experience bullying and harassment, which in term are hate crimes which are illegal. People with views and beliefs, similar to this one, may need to take a moment to sit down and reevaluate your lives.      Overall Second parent adoption is good, it harms’ nobody, second parent adoption also has numerous health and financially benefits for the child. In the long run the child will grow up with skills that other kids do not have. The child will grow up knowing that they will always have support no matter what they chose to do in life. The child will always be showed a large amount of love and affection. There is nothing that the child will ever need to worry about because the parents will reassuringly grant the child with whatever the need necessary to succeed in life. Second parent adoption overall is better than homosexual adoption, due to the fact that there are less risks of molestation and child endangerment. Should same sex parent adoption be allowed? Yes, Same sex adoption should not only be allowed, but it is in fact allowed.