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Samantha BocciaN01259274Dear Editor:I have seen many articles in the media written bytheanimal rights activistsyou call journalistsand I am sick of them trying to convert everyone to veganism! I don’t like them parading around so full of themselves and proud of the fact thatthey are being such good people because they don’t hurt any animals. Well they are hurting themselves! Meat substitutes have artificial ingredients and GMOs and pose a threat to their health.Do you want to stop killing animals and let the human race die?To the vegans who gave me a dirty look for buying a burger at a carnival, your vegan food is tasteless and expensive. Yes, I eat meat which is obviously not any good for the animals, but at least I don’t run a slaughterhouse! I’m not the one killing the animals! I also don’t shoplift or go on shooting sprees in shopping malls! I’ve never even vandalized city property! You vegans should pick on people who do those things. It’s not my fault if you people-hating veggie sticks can’t find love! Stop harassing me for eating what I want to eat!And rights for animals? That’s crazy! Next all you protein deficient hippies would want a chicken to be my boss! Better yet, let cows run for mayor! And they won’t buy tickets to the zoo because the animals don’t have enough space to run around? Well what about refugees whoare just children? Will you make an effort to help them through this difficult time in their lives? You are the real monsters. Putting an animal’s life before a human’s.Now let me ask you this: you are eating dinner with your child and your dog. The stove catches fire. Which will you save? Obviously, your child. Which proves my point. Animals aren’t worth as much, so they don’t have rights.Samantha BocciaN01259274The way I see it, if humans in the past all ate meat then we should too. Meat is a high source of protein and since I need protein I need to eat meat! Veganism is just a phase, after all, it will die down soon enough. None of the vegans I know even went to post-secondary so everything they know about animal ethics and rights must be false.Samantha BocciaSamantha BocciaN01259274The first fallacy used is the strawman. The writer states that there are artificial ingredients and GMOs in meat substitutes which results in them being bad for your health. This is irrelevant informationas vegans do not have to eat meat substitutes. Vegans just don’t eat meat.Begging the question fallacy is then used. The question must be answered by accepting both premises. By answering yes, you are saying that animals will no longer be killed but humans will as a result die since there will not be food to sustain our species.Red herring is the third fallacy to be used. The argument was fine until irrelevant information was introduced. The fact that the writer does not take part in those illegal activities does not make them a better person and can not be used to justify their decision to eat meat.Loaded language has been used in the form of dysphemism. Calling vegans “people-hating” is false and was just used to describe them in an unfavourable way.The fallacy of slippery slope was used to show that small changes can lead to absurd consequences. Animal rights will in no way lead to chickens in the workplace or cows in parliament.This instance of appeal to emotion was used to guilt the reader into feeling bad for the refugee children and making the vegan sound like the bad person. Whilethe writer and reader actually have no knowledge on whether vegans donate to help people in need in their community. A false dilemma was used to prove the point of thewriter. Although the question did not prove much and was untrue, the childwould have been the one chosen over the dog. There are more than those two outcomes. Maybe the child and dog could have followed the adult out of the kitchen and out of the house, and all three would have survived.Samantha BocciaN01259274This instance of genetic fallacy argues that the claim is true based on the history of humans. Humans used to eat meat, so we can justify eating it now.The next fallacy used is a composition fallacy as it is argued that protein is in meat and protein is something she needs, so meat is something she needs.The last fallacy used in this letter to the editor was appeal to the person. The writer attacks those who do not attend post secondary. Since the only vegans the writer knows did not go to school after high school, it can be concluded that they do not know what they are talking about.