SA10 children’s physical activity has decreased, it has caused



Advertising on unhealthy food on television has increased the high
caloric and low nutritional intake of American children. These ads are being
criticized. Because children’s physical activity has decreased, it has caused
obesity. They also point out that parents do not teach their children about
healthy eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle without restricting their
children from eating unhealthy food.

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While parental concerns can have a positive impact on children’s diet,but food advertising has a negative impact on their eating
habits, especially for children, and children typically obtain food preferences
through learning processes from sources such as TV Has been reported through
several studies. This TV source has a long lasting effect on nutrition. Other
ways such as literacy programs, nutrition education, etc. prevent the harmful
effects of TV.

Studies have shown that eating habits are not the food industry and
television. Rather, setting human tastes about what humans like and dislike is
a personal tastes and evolves from infancy. Food advertising ads from major
sources are made on TV, and over 95% of these foods have low nutritional value.

It has been reported in the United States that people see and taste more than
10 food ads every day on TV. Another negative impact on TV is that most people
watch a variety of programs on TV and eat high calorie foods.

The only way to reduce the nutritional impact of TV is that parent
should educated their kids about healthy diet and They should not advertise
exaggerations that may affect children.