ROLEPLAY if you wish. RP your arrival as a



1.1  RDM  Mountain Networks do not host a PvP server,
killing other players will be counted as Random Deathmatch (RDM), however,
Terrorists and NATO may engage outside of bases.

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You will be warned for RDM if you kill anyone
without a legitimate roleplay reason.

(This includes Teamkilling,)


1.2  Racism –
Racist or any offensive language of the sort is not tolerated under any


1.3  FailRP –
Mountain Networks run a server based around military roleplay concepts, which
means you must be serious about roleplaying and do so appropriately.


1.4  FearRP –
Acting rationally in situations that would induce fear to your character.



1.5  NLR (New
Life Rule). You may ‘kill off’ a Character, but still keep your rank if you


RP your arrival as a transfer, or something of the


1.6  Do not
Metagame – Using OOC information for IC decision making.


1.7  Powergame  To force an action upon another player not
allowing them to counter the action. We have the /roll system in place for this
purpose. Please use it.

1.8  Continually speaking outofcharacter for no
legitimate reason is punishable by a Warning. Keep OOC to /ooc chat, do NOT use
microphone for OOC.


1.9  Always
listen to orders from higher ranks, certain RP characters can differ slightly.



1.10 Walking around in restricted areas, without
permission from higher ranking officers multiple times.


1.11  Do not
discharge your weapon without a legitimate reason.


1.12  Do not
use /comms or IC forms of Communcation for OOC.


1.13  Do not
leave the Base without PTL. This will be considered Fail RP.


1.14  For
actions that cannot be phyiscally seen /me actions must be used.


1.15  Do not
RP ‘going rogue’. This is still seen as FailRP.


1.16  Military
Police have the right to arrest anyone given that they have an appropriate
reason for arrest.


1.17  If you
are a victim of RDM do not retalitate and respond with RDM! Report it to staff
as soon as possible. Otherwise you will be seen as a RDM’er as well.


1.18  When
choosing your roleplay name to not pick an inappropriate name or Inappropriate
numbers. Also make your roleplay name as realistic as possible.


1.19  Promoting
yourself may result in demotion to Trainee.



1.20  Typing
something IC is the same as saying it over voice IC & vice versa.


1.21  Do not
steal other’s Ammo and Vehicles.


1.22  Do not
Random arrest (RDA).




3.1  Do not
insult members or staff in any way, disrespect is not tolerated under any


3.3  Do not
spam text chat.


3.4  Do not
micspam. Ever.



3.12  Any
form of discrimination will result in strict punishment, and even a pernament
removal  from the community.



3.13  Staff
say is always final. Do not argue with staff.





General Regimental Rules



4.1  You can
only switch regiment after spending at least 3 days in your previous regiment.
If you do this, you will be demoted to Trainee.



4.2  By
joining a regiment, you are agreeing to the policies created by the senior
officers of that regiment, they have the power to remove you from their
regiment if they deem you unfit to be a member of their regiment.


4.3  Do not
abuse any equipment that you job has access to such as grappling hooks or
rocket boots. Doing so will either result in demotion or removal of equipment.



Military Police Rules



5.1  Do not
arrest people randomly, there must be a reason behind your arrest.



5.2  Do not
abuse your stunstick, this may result in removal from the MP.



5.3  Do not
use your powers as a MP to overcome orders from senior ranking officers.



5.4  Downing
someone with a stunstick is RDM (not to be roleplayed different)



Terrorist Rules



6.1  If you
claim to be a civilian, you may not pull a weapon on the individuals you made a
claim to .



6.2  You may
freely engage the Armed Forces as long as they are not within their base or



6.3  If you
attack a Military Checkpoint or Base you must /announce *Terrorist* Attack
“location”. There is a 15 minute cooldown on attacking Checkpoints
and a 60 minute cooldown on attacking a Military Base.



6.4  If you
are to shoot or kill an enemy that is inside either Checkpoint or Military Base
without announcing it you are in violation of 4C.2 & 4C.3


6.5  Entering
a Military Base you will be shot on sight, where as if you Enter a Checkpoint
or pass through a Military Checkpoint such as Checkpoint Alpha you are AOS if
you exit your vehicle but if you are on foot you may walk past but if you are
spotted with a weapon you can be AOS/KOS.


6.6  Only the
Terrorist Kidnapper can take people as Hostages, If you have a Hostage you can
take them to any location which you deem secure enough to hold a hostage to
sell the hostage you need.



Civilian Rules



7.1  If you
are found with an illegal weapon you might be AOS / KOS depending on the Armed
Forces choice.



7.2  As a
neutral party, you must comply with orders given to you.


7.3  The Gun
Dealer is allowed to sell weapon to either the Military or the Terrorists


7.4  The
Police are allowed to search all building which are outside of the Military’s



7.5  The
police are allowed to assist the Military if requested by a High Ranking
offical of the Military.


7.6  The
Police Chief can accept bribes from the Terrorists to keep the Police and the
Civilians safe from harm but will also have to follow orders from the


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